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Matua’s Kings Ave Park fit for football, but not for long, thanks to Council.

Every after school afternoon i take my three young people (6, 4 and 3 year olds) to our local playground (often times with beau beau de guard our SPCA pooch), we … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Child’s First Fishing Trip An Amazing Experience

Going on a fishing trip with your children is one of the best family outings you can plan. These trips could be something as simple as packing the fishing poles … Continue reading

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Hot Pools Directory for the Bay of Plenty

It’s hot soaking season, ladies and gents, boys and girls. I’m a tad obsessed with hot. Husband and Wim Hof along with those fabulously politically and educationally ahead Scandanavians implore me … Continue reading

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Marijke de Jong Photographer captures Friday morning at The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound 2016

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wild & grace events: little YOGA festival 2015, The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound 2016, Backyard YOGA Festival 2017 – some highlights

Thank you to Marijke de Jong for the photos from The Delightful Festival of Body & Sound, and to Emma Frost for photos from Backyard YOGA Festival. Other photos by … Continue reading

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What’s on – in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui – April 2017

Event-excite of the month: Saturday 1 April – 10.30am until 9pm – FAMILY FRIENDLY FESTIVAL – Backyard YOGA Festival. Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Sacred Song/Kirtan for Mums, Dads, Caregivers and younger humans. The event will … Continue reading

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Sex Talks – tekau – Culture: and its hold on sexuality, drugs, alcohol and teenagers

I’ve always been curious about how culture can shape a stereotypical sexuality. Does that make sense? Maybe i’m talking a load of poppycock. Maybe it’s impossible to have a stereotypical … Continue reading

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Sex Talks – iwa – No ‘I’ in Sex by Toby Morris at The Pencil Sword

For the full GIF go to: The Wireless

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Volunteers Needed for Backyard Yoga Festival 1 April 2017 Matua, Tauranga, Aotearoa

You’d love to attend and have time to share but not spare $ at present OR you love being part of a festival team OR you loving contributing to the community? We’d … Continue reading

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Sex talks – waru – Understanding Sexual Behaviours of Children – from Fairfax County Department of Family Services

This is a blatant copy and paste from a helpful resource that services in Fairfax County USA put together. I am particularly interested in the holistic nature of this collaboration. … Continue reading

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Jemily Jardin – Backyard Yoga Festival Location – 1 April 2017 Matua Tauranga

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Kundalini Yoga & Mt Maunganui’s Mari Hall – the yoga for everyone in every body

It’s a sunny gentle morning The wind is still The cicadas are calling Convincing me and many others summer remains on this mid March day. This A.M. i gather my self … Continue reading

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Sex Talks – whetu – sex for a female

A short post cos i need to whizz off and write another about Kundalini Yoga. This post may feel a little bit cheaty, cos i’m gonna direct you to a … Continue reading

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Meet the Teachers & the Yoga – Tauranga’s Backyard Yoga Festival – 1 April 2017

On Saturday 1 April 2017 (or Sunday 2 April if it’s raining) Tauranga’s Matua with a Backyard Yoga Festival gets filled with the sound of Sacred Song,  Djembe Drumming, Laughter Yoga … Continue reading

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