wild & grace unfurls

I am Emily and I am writing this blog for wild & grace. I live in Aotearoa – the land where the clouds are long and ma (aka New Zealand). I live in the Bay of Plenty near where the waves crash on the longest beach I’ve ever known. I live here with my husband Jeremy and our daughter Clara Rose and our books and piano and guitar and (my parents wedding present) an old kenwood mixer.

This blog is about inviting ‘the good life’. This blog is a lookout for activities, workshops, events, writing, art, food, wisdom which have a wholesome flavour. An intention for this blog is to gather people who may be interested in ‘the great life’, and to share (post) standout writing, recipes, upcoming workshops and highlight brilliant teachers and speakers. Occasionally, I may ask provocative questions about…potential.

wild & grace produce workshops, design events & incite invigorating learning opportunities.

wild & grace bring brilliant teachers to deliver unforgettable workshops. wild & grace design events which encourage great food, music, an abundance of talking noise and probably laughing. wild & grace showcase great speakers to share unlost secrets and wisdom.

when wild & grace grows up, it wants to be a university with a view of the sea and a hot spring.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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