Dostoyevsky’s Taoist?

Before the first day of Spring wild & grace will hold the first Joseph Campbell Foundation RoundTable in Aotearoa. I’ll keep you informed as to where and when. Meanwhile visit to learn more about the revered Joseph Campbell and The RoundTable.

So, whilst we’re on the subject of Joseph Campbell and the power of myth or story. There’s a delightful short story Bobok by Dostoyevsky (in the above publication) which suggests a most delightful notion.

One of the less compliant characters suggests to the others, “I propose we should feel ashamed of nothing!”

Upon reading this proclamation, I felt quite akin to the Russian deceased characters of this tale, and began giggling at the prospect. I dared myself to feel no shame (and I added guilt to the mix) for one waking day and on reflection it was rather challenging. How would you fare?

Dostoyevsky’s character then delivers this statement, “…I want there to be no lying. That’s what I want, because that’s what matters most of all. It’s impossible to live on earth and not lie, because living and lying are synonymous, but here, just for the fun of it, we’ll have no lying. Devil take it, the grave does – like it or not – have some meaning! We can all tell our stories out loud and no longer feel ashamed of anything…Let’s strip naked and bare ourselves!”

Perhaps Dostoyevsky was Taoist?

There’s immense joy and expansion in accepting all of ourselves and not trying to hide away the unwanted bits of our stories, our character, our choices.

Joseph Campbell in his writing and recordings encourages us to observe story and to apply its wisdom and insight to life. So, there’s an invitation to ‘get absorbed’ in a great book.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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