The Nature Principle

Among other blogs I tumbled through, I came across one written by an inspired Mum as follows: The Nature Principle. It resonated with me due to the luscious green photograph of the forest punctuated with the joyful liberated run of her small son. I can see the energy this writer and Mum feels for The Nature Principle and The Last Child in the Woods, in this image, in the green and in the air and space under her child’s feet. That’s enough for me to hunt down these texts. Another title she refers to which looks intriguing is The Art of Non-Conformity – responses people?

I have been musing over the recent confluence of events for me and this work – gathering teachers and students and learning opportunities. Earlier that day Clara and I ventured out in the buggy to walk alongside the crashing eucalyptus-green ocean. We both donned woolly hats and woolly jerseys and our noses were being painted white with cold from the breath of the wind. We walked past the seaside-resident-pheasant and his colourful flighty flutterings, to the park with the swing that makes Clara breathe faster. And I was reminded about how healing and clearing the elements can be, and then I came across

Thank you writers, for having faith that what you’re learning could be of benefit to someone else, and taking the time and energy to craft and share it. We are all more full, for it.

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