Maori Mountains & Maui the Maori that fished up New Zealand

Sofia Minson's 'Girl with Pounamu'

I am training for a half marathon. Running is like a meditation for me. The motion stills me. It puts me in a space where there is room for my questions and windows for some answers.

Haruki Murakami (one of my favourite authors) runs.

My husband and I ran for 75 minutes today around Mauao, and (deep sighing breath out), the majesty of this maunga.  Thousands of people walk around this mountain on the edge of the ocean each year. The walk sees sometime seals, shags, rockpools, crashing waves and a path lined by the arms of ancient pohutakawa trees is a tour through ivory ribs of a whale.

wild & grace have started a singing group, and on Friday evening we gathered to ‘harmonize’. I met a striking young Maori woman there with a voice which felt as if it washed those that heard her in an aurora light. She retold me the legend of Mauao, of how the Patupaiarehe wrapped him in ropes and pulled him to the ocean to help him end his life in the sea. She reminded me, how the sun lifted herself from the ocean preventing the fairies and Mauao to reach the depths of the waters. You can read the entire tale here.

To complete this map of my week of things Maori, I’d like to invite you to find the work of Sofia Minson and the marvellous writer and illustrator Peter Gossage.

It has been an inspiring weekend of a creamy and fat marama, singing with soul and surrender, being with new and beautiful babies, and feeling my limbs run in rhythm with an inspiring man, my husband.

kia ora.

Peter Gossage's 'How Maui defied the Goddess of Death'

Peter Gossage's - How Maui defied the Goddess of Death

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