Give thanks

On October 5 the world can celebrate world teachers’ day.

I’m celebrating early.

Not for any great reason, perhaps purely an indulgent one, I’d like to acknowledge some remarkable people.

Mrs Carruthers. Mr Russell Gear. Mr Ralph Allen. Ms Jenny Irving. Mr Grant Thompson. Mrs Prue Gooch. A Canadian man who taught Contemporary Dance with a standy-outy beard the length of the hair on his head. Timothy Gordon. Sue Weston. Kate Hamblyn. Tom McCrory. Lynne Pringle. Laughton Pattrick. Lama Tsering Everest. Ngaire Hoben. Lisa Brickell. Giovanni Fusetti. Daniel Preston.

These brave, energetic, kind and open people have taught me and others: to write their name; to adore reading literature; to celebrate learning; to have a passion for expression, for argument and for story; to express oneself with colour and texture and brushes; to pirouette and withstand physical pain, to believe in one’s self and to work; to enjoy being fluid in movement, to live before looking to teach; to leap and spin to be an adult dancer; to breathe and to be real; to be still and to be one; to question and to challenge one’s self to be clear and true as a performer and as a human; to move with courage and strength; to aspire to leading an 100 person choir and empower every voice (believing or non-believing in its ability) to tune and delight; to know the Tara principle and to consider loving everyone in our world with as much un-condition, gratitude and compassion as we love (or could love?) our mother; to teach by example – to show rather than tell; to laugh and adore to fail; to see a wild world with grace, to breathe, to allow our clown; to be me, to be joy, to be music, to be free in that which I am.

Thank you my teachers for these gifts.

Who are your teachers?

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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