Creative Day for Women – Course Outline

For those of you who don’t like surprises, here’s a more descriptive description of Saturday the 13th of August’s Creative Day for Women.

The day is comprised of three workshops that last a little over an hour each. We’ll start promptly at 9.30am (feel free to arrive a little earlier) and finish at 3.30pm. Each of the teachers will participate in the other workshops, so will be very much part of the ‘group’.

Sarah will begin the day by leading Yoga. Sarah is a very in-tune teacher who adjusts her class to the level of the students in-front of her, so beginners or regular Yogis won’t feel out of their depth or dissatisfied. She teaches Vinyasa flow style Yoga. You don’t need to bring anything, other than clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. You will be required to ‘wear’ bare-feet. You may like to bring a change of top/clothes for the remainder of the day.

The fabulous group of like-minded women will then recess for homemade cookies and caffeine (or herbal teas etc). For this morning tea grandma’s teacups will grace us with their presence.

Emily begins after the freshening up/morning tea, leading Creative with Words. You’ll be given many provocations (writing starters) which you’ll be able to choose from. Their will be an element of personal writing and poetry or short story. You can come an avid writer or someone who doesn’t dwell much on words, and I can assure you Creative with Words will be an unforgettable sixty minutes. You may like to bring your own journal if you have one.

We put down the pencils and pick up the napkins for a long and slow Emma and Sarah-cooked vegetarian lunch with tablecloths.

After feasting, Emma Prill will lead the Visual Art component of the afternoon. Emma’s art celebrates with colour and texture and she’ll encourage you to experiment with expressive line and to enjoy the process of drawing in a non traditional way. Collage and paint may feature also, at the ‘artists’ choice. Just bring your imagination.

The Creative Day for Women will slowly see the curtain fall as the light folds upon itself outside – you’re welcome to join us for a hot soak at Omokoroa Thermal Holiday Park a short stroll away.

Grandma's teacups for the Creative Day for Women

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