Knitting bee blooms beautifully

Sarah's knitting bag - wild & grace's knitting bee

wild & grace celebrated its unfurling with a delightful knitting bee last Sunday afternoon, in Mt Maunganui. A dozen of us gathered in the light of my living room with winter’s wind singing beyond the windows.

In the foreground, on the old oak table, sat watching…
mother-made orange cake & banana loaf
pots of lady grey, licorice and green
nana francie’s tea-cups with their mismatching personalities
and delicate gold bones, one or two of them hiding under the whisper of spring’s milk bottle of daffodils.

Merci beaucoup to Grammy Heather and Nana Heather of the Marks and Waldegrave ‘clans‘/’hapu‘. They arrived at Clyde Street terrifyingly on-time and watched as I clothed the table in peach french linen, and dressed the bread and butter plates with saucers and the saucers with cups. Our Heathers are such gentle, patient and encouraging teachers with some fabulous tricks such as thumb casting!

Maya and Nina were our youngest knitters with a combined age of 12 and a combined height of probably 2 metres (that may be an under-guesstimate?). And i forget the age of the older crew – tee hee.

Upon conclusion of the knitting bee/lesson, Sister Tessa (who’s not a nun) wouldn’t leave the couch in Clyde Street’s living room until she and Grammy had found and approved an appropriate beanie for Tessie to continue knitting with the pink wool she had poached from my small but developing bundle of baby patched-blanket colours. Finger’s crossed I will be able to ‘post’ the product before the end of winter.

I’m sure the knitting needles will meet again for more heather, colour and stories before the summer waves roll into the sands.

On Thursday November the 3rd wild & grace acknowledges Joseph Campbell’s passing by holding the first ever JosephCampbellRoundTable in Aotearoa. Stay tuned for which cafe in Tauranga will be hosting it. Make a weekend of it out-of-towners. I will be posting about adorable b & bs and rural styled accomodation.  Go well, emily from wild & grace

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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