Emily – wild & grace’s mother

Possibly if you stumble upon wild & grace you may find yourself wanting to know more about me – its mother. I stumbled across this delightful way to introduce myself through oh so lovely vintage’s blog. Thanks be, to creativity.

A: A woman
B: Born in the seventies
C: Capable of playing the piano, singing, cooking a cake, hosting a big happy dinner, moving her body in yoga, and muscle and bone
D: Dreaming of a wide paddocks of flower and herb gardens and a home with a spare room and comfy bed and the baby grand restored for long weekends of food, friends, family and fun-ness
E: Emily Mowbray-Marks
F: From a farm called Waitakaruru
G: Gives heart and opportunity – she hopes
H: Hopes to help heal and help hearts, minds, souls and bodies through finding teachers for students and students for teachers
I: Is an idealist which is not always the ideal road to happiness
J:  Just does ‘justs’ which make her late often
K: Knitting simple squares presently, for a child’s bed blanket, which acts as a relaxant substitute for the qi gong DVD she should’ve started to follow along to already. creativity and art is expression is medicine. like a fever moves dis-ease out, so does the action of creation.
L: Loves nature (especially the sun, ocean and big trees) along with the obvious – her husband, daughter, whanau and friends
M: Manages to keep reading & writing, even as a mum of a young daughter, probably thanks to her also present and dedicated-to-their-daughter husband
N: Never manages to do everything, and or everything right even though she fantasises about this
O: Often is late as was mentioned before
P: Pleasing people, or wanting to, is a weakness
Q: Questioning has always been a pre-occupation
R: Resists conformity, following orders and giving away her privacy to this new world of digital cameras, world-wide internet and surveillance TV
S: Sometimes (once a year) likes to spend an entire day in bed when she’s perfectly well and it’s not raining outside
T: Tao te ching was like a light, a lot of it
U: Understanding currently that accepting everything as ‘juste’ is further light
V: Very willful and very visionary about expanding, progressing, learning with opportunity
W: Would like to have a home, library, kitchen, beds, bath, garden and view of paddocks & water for wild & grace
X: “Explore nature, yours and everyone’s” could be a call to you from me
Y: I yearn for the world to value time more than money
Z: Zoom. Let’s zoom to our friends and family and tell them why they’re valued and special to us

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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