Happiness Compass

“Mindfulness meditation, practising gratitude, engaging in physical activity and finding activities that promote a sense of ‘flow’ (i.e., being absorbed in what you are doing) are some of the practices being prescribed not just by psychologists but by other professionals whose goal is to help clients deal with the vicissitudes of life.” – Mary Grogan

I had to share this gold as I stumbled across it whilst perusing Mary Grogan’s psychology website. A dear dear friend, someone who is an inspiration and soundboard for me, is suffering from anxiety in this spring season. He’s also recognised his breathing is not being particularly ‘well-behaved’. As a concerned friend I phoned another dear and old friend from Drama School, Kirstie O’Sullivan from Bold Communication and she recommended Breathing Works in Remuera, Auckland and Donna Farhi’s “The Breathing Book”.

I reflect on my own journey with breath: learning to swim and breathe whilst doing it (as an adult) and incidentally then swimming through a pregnancy, practicing yoga and singing (especially very loud and often) has aided my connection with breath.

So, if you know someone who’s going through a tough time with their breathing, with the art of happiness, and/or with stress and anxiety perhaps send them this. Mucho aroha to all on this journey filled with hills and valleys, shadow and light and such abundant opportunity for learning.

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