The A-Z How to Inspire School Holiday Free Fun

A: Hang out with animals somehow e.g. western springs park, marshalls animal park.
B: Build a robot from cardboard boxes
C: Put on a variety concert for the grandparents e.g. magic, music, jokes, riddles, skits
D: Collate a dress-up box – raid N & P’s or op shops and then all dress-up
E: Teach the kids elastics, using a chair as a stand-in for someone, like in the olden days
F: Go fishing on the wharf at night – maybe for sprats?
G: Make gingerbread people together
H: Build a hut with blankets & sheets & tables & chairs or the couch & armchairs
I: Interview your kids – thanks Dumbo Feather
J: Learn how to juggle as a family NB: You can make juggling balls with balloons and rice
K: Knit leg-warmers or a scarve or do finger knitting
L: Learn Pokarekare Ana on the ukelele
M: Make banana splits
N: Start up a band with your family and either perform live at night to someone kind and supportive OR film it with your phone or camera and make a simple music video
O: Fly an octopus kite
P: Make woolen pom-poms from a cardboard ring
Q: Have a kiwi quiz competition with the cousins or the neighbours
R: Visit rockpools and look at the anenomes and hermit crabs
S: Collect shells
T: Go to the theatre – a school holiday matinee
U: Go for a walk in the rain, with gumboots, raincoats and umbrellas
V: Plant some veges e.g. tomatoes
W: Stay up late and watch a kids classic film all together, with popcorn and homemade lemonade e.g. E.T, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Grease, Sound of Music
X: Hire an X-Box and play a game together
Y: On a windy day climb to the top of a hill e.g. Papamoa Hills and yell into the wind 5 things you’re grateful for
Z: Facepaint the family (the newborn too?) to look like zombies or clowns and go supermarket shopping like everything’s perfectly normal.


  1. I love this list, especially ‘H’, ‘M’ & ‘U’. We did ‘S’ yesterday as the north east wind blew in on Takapuna beach and woolly dogs went maniacal around us, and ‘P’ last weekend – tomatoes & strawberries (and my first planting of Sweet Peas which reminded me of you). Can we do ‘R’ together when we next come down?

    Your a treasure-trove of inspiration Emily Marks of Wild & Grace.

    1. Ouh, I’m a little lost for words now. Thank you my dear and oldest and special friend. Yes. Let’s do ‘R’ and we can help clean up Mt Maunganui (sad face with tears) whilst we search for creatures amidst the rocks. Mucho aroha, Em.

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