Le Chat Noir with a RoundTable

Get ready for some acronyms…

Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable (JCF MRT) blasted off two Thursday’s ago in the very animated Le Chat Noir (Creperie) in Greerton – Tauranga’s French Quarter.

For those of you who couldn’t be there it went something like this:

The seven who met that night introduced one another sharing 1 thing we love to do. There were an inspiring collection of voices, harmonising accents descending from different lands and interests. Beaujolais accompanied the night of warm conversation and listening.

In pairs we nattered about what “Follow Your Bliss” means to us, and above the happy eating and music of merriment from the table across the way I bellowed out Joe’s “Follow your Bliss” quote.

I directed participants to the Joseph Campbell Foundation site encouraging all to become an associate (it’s free) of the JCF, so one can become privy to engaging forums and attain access to rare footage. We talked of the Finding Joe documentary touring “The States” at present. I also mentioned one can LIKE the wild & grace facebook page (one doesn’t have to be a facebook member to view this online) to tune in to MRT and wild & grace updates.

We brainstormed where and how we would participate in the MRT. It was chosen that each session (they run the first Thursday of each month except January) a MRT Tauranga member/participant would bring something to the RoundTable. This would be a prepared something, either a creative activity, or a text of Joseph Campbell’s or a myth/story.

The creative act I “led” went like this:
We chose a mandala each from a colouring in book of sorts with the shapes being individual mandalas. With felt-tip pens and watercolour pencils we coloured our chosen mandala for the closing 15 minutes of the gathering.

We’ll meet at the Tauranga Club (Devonport Towers, Devonport Road) next time at 7.30pm-9pm Thursday 1 December.

Ros will be leading some sort of something that evening. We’d love to see new faces and hear new minds. MRT Tauranga (this Book/Philosophy Club) is flexible, you don’t have to come to each session. Just bring your open mind and inquisitive heart along for some inspiring conversation and wisdom.


  1. Hi
    After reading of your last month’s get-together I have answered “the big question as to whether I am going to be able to say a hearty ‘yes’ to my adventure.” See you 1st December.

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