BBQing the Bay – East – Rua of Wha

Just in case you were wondering what flavours of ice-cream Tay Street Dairy do (and yes they are on facebook – the only diary to be so according to their page) I thought I’d fill you in.

They do: kiddie cones, single cones, double cones, triple cones, tip top, passionfruit, vanilla, choco-nana, rum & raisin, hokey pokey, cookies & cream, orange choc chip, strawberry, maple shortcake, apricot, candyfloss, mochaccino, lime swirl, rainbow, goodie goodie gum drop, caramel fudge, gold rush, boysenberry, kapiti, fig honey, triple chocolate, vintage strawberry & cream, affogato, black doris plum, spicy apple crumble, chocolate hazelnut crunch and if you’re still not satisfied, real fruit ice-cream with or without yoghurt, blueberry, boysenberry and/or strawberry.

Ah, I feel like I’ve just done a good deed for the month, sharing that wee secret, bon ap!

So, I perused and pursued the BBQs of the East today, and without being too mean, they felt a little like the barbeque equivalent of the Wicked Witch of the West but instead the East. Hmm, perhaps the dark skies that chased my car over the bridge clouded the experience somewhat.

I found, two of the three East (Papamoa) BBQ sites. Has anyone met Mr Taylor St Reserve BBQ? Please email with identification. I did not meet Mr Taylor St Reserve BBQ, perhaps he’s a tad reserved – oh, bad Mum joke. I did instead meet some very photogenic bunnykin tails and a gnarly macrocarpa framed in blue. I also found rustic. Papamoa felt another era today. It felt un-Mt Maunganui. It felt a bit 70s kiwi bach and I liked it for that. I liked the absence of sparkle and what’s not, like plastic surgery, helipads and glossy convertibles.

Here goes…

Taylor St Reserve, Taylor St, Papamoa South

Waterford Downs Reserve, Corner of Pacific View Rd & Grenada St, Papamoa

Papamoa Domain, Cnr of Domain Rd and Papamoa Beach Rd, Papamoa

The staircase of whalebones concludes the brave BBQs of the East. We tic-tac across to the more Southern BBQs (fingers crossed) tomorrow. A demain.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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