BBQing the Bay – South – Toru of Wha

Quite a variety of destinations offered within the more southern of BBQs in Tauranga… We visit some of the most iconic parks of Tauranga and perhaps some of the more off-beat. I have a wee disclaimer to make, I do believe even more beauty lies in the alternative McLaren Falls Park BBQs, I just couldn’t snap them with baby Clara asleep in the car.  Instead, I grabbed some carpark accessible shots from the carpark accessible BBQ, before we headed over the Kaimais to see Babu in Matangi. Greta Kenyon (Vela Images) adores Mclaren Falls Park for its light and colour and those literally sensational established forests. Mclaren Falls Park could be an ideal lunchtime spot too, and swing into Marshalls Animal Park whilst you’re at it, the littlies love it. Let’s start in the Kaimais then…

McLaren Falls Park, at bottom flat campsite, on eastern peninsula at cherry bay, on western peninsula at cherry bay, on hamilton point, at top flat campsite (I don’t know how, what I photographed, correlates with the council names above – sorry – I can tell you these photos were taken on the way out of the park), McLaren Falls Rd, Kaimais, Tauranga.
NB: The park closes at 7.30pm in summer and  even earlier in winter

Pelorus Street Reserve, Pelorus St, Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Tye Park, Forrester Drive, Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Rotary Park, 33 Te Hono St, Maungatapu, Tauranga

  Memorial Park, Devonport Rd, Tauranga

Can anyone tell me – has this rocket ship shrunk? Was it taller in 1987? Like gigantic? I swear it was a terror to behold. And behold, again, it lives on.

Okay. Who loves to be french as much as I do? So, lucky for me I have excavated some french whakapapa, but mostly I just like to pretend to be french. I attempt french fridays with Clara our 20 month old daughter. Well, anyone for petanque? Come on, kiwis can play it, other than on Christmas Day. Kulim Park has a court too. Get french with it people.

Yatton Park, Fraser Street, Greerton, Tauranga

It’s fitting that this toru of wha story, finishes in Yatton Park – as many childhood memories run in those paths and grasses beneath the old seeing trees. Memory movies of Sundays after Mum and Dad put the gypsophila on the truck for Auckland go something like this…as a treat, the family called in to the Chadwick Road Dairy (where we had an account) for a chocolate dipped (which we called chocolate dip) ice-cream. Zoe would always get goodie-goodie gum drops, Dad would always get orange choc chip and Mum would either have rum or raisin or mint choc chip. I thought she was nuts getting rum and raisin – I thought it was gross. Tessa’s ice-cream ball would mostly fall off onto the asphalt with the stains of bumble-gum and I probably got a flavour/colour with chocolate chips in it, either banana, or orange or mint or one scoop of one and another of another. Ah, Sunday summer heaven. Green tall canopies, running, that one grey coloured cold swinging bar, smells of outside, Mum and Dad together smiling, maybe the boxer dog jumping between me, Tess and Zoz – it couldn’t have been better.

Last story tomorrow, this I’ll dedicate to my patient husband, who has been starved of his BBQ-loved-up-wife this past while. Thanks Jeremy. Je t’aime. Bonne nuit tout le monde.


  1. You are a great photographer, yes that pee smelling rocket was the biggest in the world way back then…..and Chadwick Road dairy n shops is where I still have fond memories of walking with my grandmother, the sound of her shoes on the pavement was unique.The fish n chip shop used to fill up our paper bags with crispies for free, and Toru Park was the fish n chip picnic area. Thank you very much, your pictures have brought back pleasant childhood memories.

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