RoundTable – toru – The Map Room

Another gift of an evening, kia ora to Jude for leading ‘a metaphor for the therapeutic process for interactive drawing therapy.’ MRT Tauranga evening number three was held at the Mount in Astrolabe Restaurant’s ‘The Map Room’. We had a purely female cast of attendees for this balmy February evening.

The night danced around many conversations with some engaging recommendations: the social animal, beat generation – william burroughs, tauhara centre, paul kelly’s how to make gravy.

These titles and subjects came about as we shared texts we felt Joseph Campbell may recommend today. Fran said she flew quite liberally with the ‘task’ and wanted to share about how to make gravy as she felt among other things, including this book being one of the best she’d read, paul kelly was a man ‘following his bliss’.

Cherie, recommended us not to interact with the ‘dry’ ‘Patterns of Culture’ by Ruth Benedict which does instead feature on Campbell’s official reading list.

It has been mooted the group will start reading ‘The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ which is another on ‘the’ list, after which point we may graduate to something akin with ‘The Tao of Pooh’. Particularly after participating in the creative activity Jude led, I feel moved to find a story containing a mountain or a forest. We surmised that many hero stories involve the hero venturing into unknown and treacherous surrounds often encountering a dangerous forest or mountain e.g. ‘The Hobbit’.

I recalled Brecht’s short play ‘He who says yes’ and ‘He who says no’, and the neutral mask workshop I played in led by Giovanni Fusetti. Brecht’s features the mountain whilst the neutral mask featured a forest, river and predatory animal. I shall seek a Fairy Tale with a mountain – what will be delivered?

Some wee toe dipping questions came up around archetypes and in particular ‘The Trickster’. I’ll endeavour to remember to bring from the world’s most unconventional library (my shelf) ‘World Mythology – The Illustrated Guide’ Edited by Roy Willis, which holds some clues into archetypes within chapters such as ‘Heroes and Tricksters’. I reflected again within workshops I’ve participated in with Giovanni Fusetti and Aucklander Lisa Brickell, that archetypes can be deliciously explored through commedia dell’arte characters/mask.

MRT wha (4) will be again in The Map Room, in Mt Maunganui’s The Astrolabe. Venture out on Thursday 1 March 7.30-9pm. This night we’ll be watching the first part of Bill Moyers’ interview with Joseph Campbell. Here’s a wee taster…

The next 3-4 sessions will be great for Joe Campbell newbies. We’ll be watching these DVDs and you’ll get a tangible feel for the power, depth and wisdom of this man Joseph Campbell.

Regulars/enthusiasts – bring a Grimm’s Fairy Tale as you find one and we’ll fit that in amongst making art badges with our names over the final summer and early autumn months.

‘Summer night – even the stars are whispering to each other’ – Kobayashi Issa.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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