Tauranga goes Event Wild

Driving along past the ‘poo farm’ (as my husband calls it) aka the sewerage works, and along past the Trust Hotel where I’m sure I saw The Exponents (or was it Dave Dobbyn?) live, for the first time, alongside that glorious stand of mature lime-leaved trees, is a queue of placards on legs, telling all about what’s on in the Bay this month.

This week is bursting with opportunities to get your cultural and community self simmering.

If you haven’t taken the kids to see a Wurlitzer concert yet, I highly recommend you do, this weekend. I would have gone when I was about 10 years old and my memory tells me it was like something from The Munsters or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There were huge powerful pipes that reached for the stars beyond Baycourt. They grew behind the velvet curtains in the balcony luminous with neon colour and vibrating with giant sound. The Wurlitzer whirled, pirouetting slowly as it came up from the ground like a ghost from a fog filled night-time graveyard. Perhaps there was smoke. Did I mention the music was gigantic, majestic, awesome? Then the theatrics of the musician man in his black and white tuxedo, with his black tails hanging over the tall seat and his shining toes dancing like Fred Astaire across the pedals. I was transfixed…

Of course, there are some slightly less intense experiences to be had on this week’s calendar too, starting with THIS EVENING.

Thursday 15 March 6pm-7.30pm Backyard Frolic with Frocks (on Bikes Waikareao Way) for Sustainable Backyards

Friday 16 March 4.30pm – 7pm Matua School’s Fair

Saturday 17 March 9am – 4.30pm Tauranga’s 13th Annual Multicultural Festival

Sunday 18 March 10am – 3pm Farm Day

Sunday 18 March 12pm-2pm The Great Gatsby Picnic

Sunday 18 March 1.30pm-4pm Powell on Pipes

Friday 23 March 5.30pm – 8pm Otumoetai College’s International Food Day

Sunday 8 April 5pm-8pm Earth, Wind & Fire – Easter Weekend (5 – 9 April) Tauranga Jazz Festival’s flagship

Hope to see you out and about with your grannies, kids, husbands, cats and handbags or manbags.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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