Be With What Is – Ayurvedic Teaching

In January 2012 I drove up onto the Ohauiti Hill to meet a Leo who lent me a DVD of interviews between Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers, for our Mythological RoundTable. My daughter and I sat, or I sat and she climbed, in our singing wicker seats in the Leo’s sitting room, beneath the treasures and relics (the Hindu wooden sculpted paintings, the Buddhas) collected and given from different pockets of the world. It was this morning, in this company, that I committed to returning to the sitting room each Tuesday night to meditate two Leos. I will share something further of those nights in the months to come, but for now an Ayurvedic ‘Reading’ I was asked to deliver one Tuesday evening in the sitting room under a dusky pink light from the yawning sun.

‘Be With What Is’ taken from ‘Strands of Eternity’, by Vasant Lad, an Ayurvedic Teacher

Really speaking, there is no EGO, it is an empty shell, a shadow, a process.
Your body is made of five elements:
earth, water, fire, air and ether. Where is the EGO?
Ego is not a substance, it is a shadow.
A shadow of memory, a shadow of knowledge.
Watch the emptiness of the EGO every moment.

“Becoming” is running away from being: when you try to become somebody
you run away from what you already are.
The wanting after somebody-ness, is the beginning of madness.

Do not run after what should be, would be, could be.
This is madness,

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