Round Table wha – The Map Room’s finale

It’s taken me too long to get this post up – je suis desole.

Not much to report back from Round Table wha (4). We were a small but enthusiastic group of five to watch the first part of ‘The Power of Myth’ DVD with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. We were graced with two new guests from Te Puke ( I was particularly delighted to meet this inspiring and eloquent couple), and we all (after a meet and greet) gathered around the satisfyingly big TV and DVD I brought from home to hear the wisdom of the mighty Joe.

On reflection, our next session will pick up from where we left off, but will have some discussion questions to accompany the insights.

If you would like to come on Thursday 12 April (after Easter – I assumed many may be going away Thursday 5 April) but you feel worried about having missed the first part, please contact me as you could borrow the DVD if it’s not possible to find ‘The Power of Myth’ on the net… The location for RoundTable rima (5) is still not set for our next meet up – so stay tuned. To be honest I’m still trying to pin down a quiet, warm and free room for us  to use. Get in touch if you know of somewhere that fits that criteria.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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