Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Last summer, I had the great privilege of attending the annual Taos Pueblo Pow Wow in northern New Mexico. The experience was so enthralling that I fell asleep that night with the beat of the drums still echoing between my ears. Mark your calendars: this year’s Pow Wow will be held July 13th through the 15th! 

Pow Wows are a celebratory gathering of Native Peoples that in modern times, have evolved into Intertribal dance competitions. Many Pow Wows welcome the public and the Taos event is widely known for its stunning outdoor setting in the shadow of Mount Wheeler, New Mexico’s highest peak.

The Taos Pow Wow was advertised to begin at 1 pm “Indian Time”, which translated to about 1:20, with a Grand Entry of more than a hundred dancers – men and women of all ages in full regalia – followed by a free-for-all Intertribal dance and then…

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    1. yeah, i guess it’s the product of our age of supposed abundance or perhaps extravagance. in the ‘old days’ surely the feathers would have been more organic in colour. what’s your hunch?

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