Sambal Terakihi with Ottolenghi’s Broccoli Salad

Everyone in the Bay of Plenty must know about The Good Food Trading Company on Macdonald Street, at the Mount. It’s the Bay’s answer to Auckland’s Nosh or Wellington’s Moore Wilson’s. NB: The above image comes from a great alternative media site, and is photographed by Maree Wilkinson Photography.

I must admit quite recently I have been impressed by some other new Tauranga finds 1) Lavish Foods, 2) Delicacy (Cafe & Deli) and 3) The Terrace (Cafe) – but they deserve a story all to themselves.

Before my recent discoveries, Good Food was the only cafe (apart from old school Sunrise) I would visit (on occasion without bambina) and rave about. But today is not about coffee and cake it’s about Rempah‘s addictive curry sauces and roti bread.

I like to cook fresh food from scratch in our family’s kitchen, but on days when I do relief teaching or the like, I resort to something from a packet and Rempah’s curry sauce (with no icky ingredients such as preservatives or colourings) bought from Good Food, is just the ticket.

My husband and I are very addicted to Rempah rendang sauce and roti, which I magically ‘Bewitch’ into Chicken Rendang which somehow curbs the desire to get in the car and drive to K Rd’s (Auckland’s) Malaysian Restaurant, Sri Pinang once a fortnight. Food and Film and KareKare are the things I truly miss about Auckland, oh and maybe La Cigalle’s French Market in Parnell.

So, yesterday after a stimulating (I’m not being sarcastic by the way) day in a High School classroom teaching their, there and they’re, and learning about the difference between magma and lava, and how to say il est sympa and elle est mignon…I whipped into Good Food for our roti-rendang treat and low and behold they’d sold out, which is not an uncommon phenomenon, I usually call in the morning to ‘bags’ some.

So, cos I also like to be a flexible person, I thought let’s be wild – let’s try a Sambal Curry sauce instead.

A visit to the fish shop for terakihi later, I was at home apron-with-strawberries donned, foxtrotting around the benches compiling:

– Brown rice (absorption method everyone, fail-proof rice every time)
– Sambal sauce tipped over slightly panfried terakihi
the next step is where I went a little OTT and forgot how ‘dishausted’ I was
Ottolenghi’s Chargrilled Broccoli Salad

PS I just took the terakihi out of the pan before submerging it in Sambal for Clara (2 years young) and the broccoli before submitting it to some blackening, spicing, and garlic-ing. She was delighted and even asked for more green florets. Nigel Latta is right, put something in front of kids 20 times and they’ll eventually like it.

Good Food, Rempah Curry Sauce & Mum for the Ottolenghi cook-book – thank you for a pretty simple yet desperately satisfying midweek post work dinner.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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