Moshims – $2.50 Curries and more

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Moshims Bulk Food and Spices
Fruit, Vegetables, Groceries
Specialises in Indian Produce
504 Cameron Rd, Tauranga Ph: 5714450

The perfect place to use your cotton bags or brown paper bags to buy rice, breadcrumbs, dried fruit, oats,sugar etc instead of buying these products at supermarkets packaged in thick non-recyclable plastic bags.

Have you visited Rubbish Free?


  1. Went to Moshims, bought some yummy $2.50 curries (amongst other things) DELICIOUS. the banana chips are savory and a fab alternative to regular potatoe chips, no nasty additives 🙂 Also here is the link to Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering HUGS from Rachelle

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