What to Bring and Where to Shop for Knitting Bee Three

I reckon there are 4 options (as the seasons) amidst the myriad of options for what to bring for wild & grace’s Knitting Bee Three.

For eccentricity sake instead of numbering let’s categorise our 4 options by the aforementioned seasons, like some refreshing way to name a sports or quiz team at school.

Winter: You can just bring your beautiful self. No needles. No wool. Just you. wild & grace has a box of random donated wool and a few differing sizes of bamboo knitting needles. Some-other-beautiful-one will teach you or remind you how to knit and you can practice knitting a square with the borrowed gear.

Spring: You can bring your own knitting project and join the conversation and cake.

Summer: Acquire knitting needles and choose some wool (I encourage you buy sheep rather than polyester) and come to learn to knit an easy baby hat. Pattern and tricks of how to achieve the pattern will be shared. You’ll need a ball of 4 ply wool. One pair of size 3 NZ needles and one pair of size 3.25 NZ needles.

Autumn: Acquire knitting needles and choose some wool (I encourage you buy sheep rather than polyester) and come to learn to knit a baby blanket. Pattern and tricks of how to achieve the pattern will be shared. This is a more expensive and lengthy option to ‘Summer’. You’ll need 7 balls of 8 ply wool (the recipe recommends merino, as it’s softer to wear and washes well). These balls need to be different colours. Either a circular needle size 7 US, or one pair of size 4.5 NZ needles.

Where to buy yarn and needles in Tauranga?
Creative Outlook – Shop 6, 314 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui
Free parking at rear of shop, parks 46 & 47 Ph: 07 572 3209
Tauranga Knitting Centre – 11th Ave Plaza Ph: 571 8892
Spotlight – Gate Pa Shopping Centre Ph: 07 929 7260

Upon reflection I’ve been a little biased towards the bambinas with suggested knitting projects above. If you’d prefer to be a little more self focused you could knit an easy scarf.

What you’ll need to knit a scarf:
2 large balls of 8 ply yarn and 1 pair of size 4 NZ needles
6 balls of 4 ply yarn and 1 pair of size 8 NZ needles

For more information about Knitting Bee Three go to www.facebook.com/wildandgrace


  1. Hello lovely lady would love to come to your knitting bee but this time won’t be making it as i have two sick kiddies… I feel inspired after sitting in playgroup room at school and knitting a few rows of a square. so the little baby dolls at school can have some new blankets CUTE!!!. would be really interested in making something exciting.. Good on you for setting this up and it’s so nice to see you can have fun with other people knitting ,drinking tea and yummmmmm CAKE … Lotsa of love keep doing what you sending lots of happiness and love

  2. Hi Emily. A big THANK YOU so very much for welcoming me into your house yesterday. One knows the true measure of pleasure is not wanting “it” to end, and that was how I felt yesterday, comfy in my spot on the couch, legs tucked underneath me, wool everywhere. The delight I recieved from listening to women talk over our stitches was pure joy. You’ll be happy to know that I came home and continued and have nearly completed one slipper 🙂 It’s so lovely to pick up the sticks again after many years with a dormant skill, unused and undervalued. Thanks again, will be at the next one, and the next and the next….. XX

      1. Ohhhh FANTASTIC, I just asked one of my friends to refresh me on Crochet…goodie. And that saying was…. A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening too. – Robert Brault xx Would also be keen to rent a few books… let me know when your back form Auckland.

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