Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan and Thaiatsu in Tauranga

Magic Hands and Ashram Yoga are pleased to join together to offer a mini weekend retreat August 11th and 12th.  Space is limited so get in quick to book your classes.  We are offering a variety of different styles of Ashram Style Yoga techniques and you may want a taste of everything so we’ve put together a weekend price of $100.  You may decide on just one day or you can book classes individually.  However, it’s on first come first served basis.

Devananda will also be available in the afternoons for sessions in Thaiatsu.  If you’re interested in booking in for one of these amazing body work sessions book now.

 Bodywork Thaiatsu 1hr $80  and 1.5hrs $100

8 – 9:30am: Yoga class  $15
10:30am – 12:30pm: Workshop -Pranayama  $25
1 – 2pm: Yoga Nidra  $15
7-8:30pm: Kirtan  (koha)

8 – 9:30am: Yoga class  $15
10:30am – 12:30pm: Workshop –Nada Yoga  $25
1 – 2pm: Yoga Nidra  $15
5pm: Meditation  $15

Full weekend price $100
All day Saturday price $50
All day Sunday price  $65

Yoga Class: Suitable for all ranges & experience of Yoga. This is a general class open to all levels of experience. Ashram Yoga style teaches traditional Yoga and this is an opportunity to experience a class with a senior Ashram Yoga instructor. Our classes comprise a mixture of asana postures (both flowing & held), with pranayama(breathing) and relaxation to finish, providing an integrative & holistic experience of yoga.

Pranayama Workshop: Learn how to use and regulate your breath to benefit you! We will build from simple through to more extended breathing techniques which:

  • purify lungs and increase lung vital capacity
  • balance brain functioning, calm the mind and emotions
  • enhance brain neurotransmitters and help to balance dopamine and serotonin (feel good hormones).
  • create transition from beta to alpha brain wave patterns which leads to internalizing the awareness for relaxation or meditation practices.
  • harmonise and energise your pranic (energy) body

Kirtan: Open your voice & your soul up to an evening experience of Kirtan!                       Kirtan, or devotional chanting, is a way to open up and connect with your heart space. It relieves emotional tension effortlessly and creates a sense of connection between those participating. You need nothing but an open mind and mouth to participate! We sing simple, easy to learn chants. No musical experience is necessary. All are welcome & if you do play an instrument of any sort please allow it to accompany you!

Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation):This is an effortless deep relaxation technique, where you lay comfortably and follow mental instruction. Yoga Nidra systematically induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation, releasing deep seated tensions subconsciously. A session of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to a 5 hour sleep. Truly a relaxation experience not to be missed!

Meditation: We shall explore simple concentration techniques to help focus the mind and delve into our inner nature. Meditation trains the mind to become strong, aware and gain well needed rest!  All practices are simple and easy to follow. You will be able to take them away and use easily for continued self practice. The only person who can’t meditate is the one who has never tried.

Nada Yoga: Experience the sound of Yoga!  Nada Yoga is the practice of using the vibration of sound to work on deeper energetic aspects of oneself. By singing simple sounds, we create a resonance which soothes the emotional and psychological condition as well as raise our levels of awareness.

Contact: Magic Hands Well-Being
11 Grenada Street
Mount Maunganui
Phone:  07 575-3719
Tracy mobile:  021 043 2533

Thanks Rachel Southon for sharing about this body and mind event. Participate and Enjoy.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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