Cracker Crochet Crew

On the parting Sunday of August 12 gals of various vintages: Isla, Joy, Kay, Kimberley, Peggy, Kristy, Kat, Jennie, Evie, Sarah, Clara and I gathered in our Matua lounge to learn to crochet. I began the journey of the peggy square with some violet coloured double knit. Others learned to chain. Others learned to teach left handed craftswomen. Joy brought her stack of woven technicolour blankets to inspire us all. Kia Ora to the ladies that brought something sweet, we nibbled on homemade afghans, crushed orange and almond cake, banana loaf and sweet pumpkin pies – when the fingers weren’t working the hook and yarn. Mucho aroha and appreciation to Isla and co (Joy, Kay and Kim) for imparting their knowledge and gifting their afternoon and skills. We shall meet again for more adventures with the hook before Christmas, and have suggested all bring sun-hats in case we can loll about in the garden with the magnolias.

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