Meditation on Ohauiti Hill

Since the beginning of 2012 I’ve made the 25 minute car journey past my old Brookfield Kindy, over the Maungatapu causeway both my husband and I used to cross on our bikerides home from Intermediate School and up the road he and I later were to be married on.

Each Tuesday night just after 7.30pm I’d arrive at Ohauiti Hill for Meditation with two Leos.

I want to share our meditation circle because I have tried meditation in numerous environments but with varying levels of ‘success’ or for want of a better term ‘enjoyment’.
I have come in and out of an Ashtanga Yoga practice (for years supported by Auckland Yoga Academy when I lived further north) and the stillness after moving in such a strong sustained and focused way led to boundless meditation. But I have also tried ‘just sitting’, I have tried being led in Buddhist centres and temples, and have found my breath to be tight and my being to be trying. I want to share the rhythm of the Meditation triangle on Ohauiti Hill in case it frees you and your meditation practice as it has mine.

We firstly share two readings aloud. We’ve often read something from Patsy Rodegast Emmanuel, but have also read Sufi prayers, Ayurvedic teachings and writings which suggest ways to meditate. We return to some of our favourites each week. We then dim the lights and listen to a chant from the stereo, mostly in Sanskrit, which may last up to 20 minutes. The meditation part of the evening ends with 30-45 minutes of ‘sitting in meditation’ in the light of one candle. I have shared in a past blog post that the mantra “Hail, the jewel in the heart of the lotus: Om Mani Padme Hum ” has really grounded my practice. The evening concludes with something sweet accompanied with inspiring conversation about wherever our hearts and minds lead us. I have adored the past 8 months and these photos were taken on the eve of a fading moon.

Over Spring and the coming months, I will share various readings and subjects Ohauiti Hill has shared with me over 2012’s summer, autumn and winter. Thank you two Leos for your open hearts, your kindness, your wisdom, your beauty. I look forward to the season we can all sit together again. For readers, I leave you with the view outside the room where we meditate on Ohauiti Hill.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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