A friend’s secrets to happiness

A dear friend has left my home-town.

As I drove away from our farewell, with my two girls, warm and asleep in the back, I felt a great sense of sadness at the completion of this chapter. I met him in a roundabout way through the Theosophical Society.

This fellow taught me many things of which I’d like to share…

Some of the most memorable taongas he shared with me are Ophra Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth web ‘classes’, Spiritual Madness recordings, rare and soaring Baroque music, the story of Daniel Barenboim creating The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra comprised of mostly Israelis and Palestinians, various prayers from calling corners of the world…

But, what I’d like to leave this evenings collection of words with, is Pat Rodegast’s ‘Emmanuel’ and a tapestry of words and images by Lee Harris. I’m not clear how I feel about prophecy and how that relates to the approaching 22.12.12. Regardless, my dear friend shared this man’s name with me, upon finding him, I found this…

Taken from Emmanuel’s Book – page 64:

“Meditation is a path that will help you release the treasures of self-love that rest deep within you.
This may also, from time to time, offer difficulties in that you will be forced to see your imperfections.
These are transitory states.
They are areas where the life force has been petrified.
When this force is freed it will flow sweetly again, blissfully.
Listen to your inner being.
It is wiser than your conscious mind.

As meditation, almost anything will do:
music, a quiet walk, an excellent meal, firelight, candlelight, holding the hands of a loved one, whatever causes you to centre into the joy of your beingness and to disregard the clamoring of your intellect.

Some of you tend to become too rigid in form. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people to walk the earth. Everyone needs to go into their own inner silence, their own inner truth, in whatever way they can. This inner illumination is your birthright. It is the key to the essence of your being, to your soul’s wisdom.”


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