Pet Taniwha on your Christmas-list?

Kenyan ChristmasHappy Festive Season and warm thanks to Tom McCrory, former teacher and Associate Director of The Conch (Theatre Company), and Patrick McCrory six and a half years young for saying yes to me re-blogging the below…

Patrick just gave me (Tom) his Christmas present list for me it made me smile so much and is a reminder of all the wonder of the world

1.To be a baby again but be able to talk
2.To be able to talk Australian
3.To be able to talk Fijian
4.To be able to talk American
5.A pet squid
6.A pet taniwha
7.A pet dragon
8.A pet Butterfly
9.A Bird
10.A chimney
11.2 pairs of socks
12.8,000 gardens
13.8008083 pieces of string
14.A badge that says Saint Patrick
15.A wish that meant I could survive a war
16. Two badges with my sisters on them
17. All the Moshi monsters
18. A bedroom that’s always clean
19. A tree
20.A rocket
21. 6 pairs of aprons
22.A laser
23. 60 bottles of milk
24.85 sunhats
25. A brand new house
26.A flat mate
27.The biggest swimming pool ever
28. 1 million wishes
29.A big mountain made of money
30. 6 million tornados
31.A pet leopard
32. A cafeteria
33.The best hotel you could wish for
34. Paul Kieve the magician
35.A pet mongoose, goldfish,snake, lion,cheetah,spider,worm,cockroach,cricket,monster, otter,tiger,lizard,cat and elephant.
36. A Zoo
37.Cool sheets
38. A money box
39. A king in a prison.
40.A queen in a prison.
I have four days.

This post inspired a cascading dialogue between inspired facebook friends, of which, at one point, Tom shared a parent’s recipe…

The secret is to not buy them presents and throw them out in the garden with sticks and bits of string, tell them stories while drawing pictures, do what you love and involve them in it, or watch them do what they love and let them involve you in it, go for walks together find cool stones and make some reason which involves saving worlds to carry the stones for miles so that you have to throw them in the sea, ride scooters and make up scootering songs, kiss them a lot and find ridiculous analogies for how much you love them like you see this hand it goes all the way into outer space and beyond and that’s how much I love you, practice doing a good pirate voice and learn how to make cars with only a bread knife and a cardboard box. DSC_0898

I’ve stolen time away from the bubbling Christmas pudding, Trifle needing to be made with her recipe sitting next to the sewing machine begging for the Christmas tablecloth and napkins to be stitched, because I think Patrick’s list needs to be shared and maybe even more so Tom’s magical ingredients for helping to foster such wonder.

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  1. Ohhh My Gosh Emily… I missed this one over Xmas.. I am going read this out to Hubby when he comes inside. LOVE IT LOVE IT. I think I want to be 6 again, was such a great age!

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