2012 with wild and grace

Beach Rd Reserve, BBQbeautiful year 2012, your pohutakawa curtains are closing.

as I scribe, two daughters have fallen into dreamland, to the sound of Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd – slowly fade…

the air is warm and the birds still and quiet in the nests and branches of our summer garden.

DSC_9180thank you teachers, and people who have gathered with wild & grace this 2012th year.
there have been knitters, crocheters, pennie brownlee early childhood educaring peoples, transition towners, and joseph campbell roundtablers.

thank you once again Ohauiti Hill and the women from the ‘Circle’. thank you Ellie Lawler and Kim Cleland for being like-minded souls to rebound off and to keep my mind and heart in tune. DSC_9014

thank you to the books I’ve read, the stand out ones being My Mother, My Self and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). thank you to the recording also of Spiritual Madness and Eckhart Tolle’s webclasses with Oprah Winfrey.

which leads me to 2013. fermenting away are ideas to hold workshops to learn:
more crochet, with sunhats and garden blossoms in matua
basic homeopathics to treat common illnesses for our children
some more of ‘the’ pennie brownlee
getting our DSLR off auto
bringing a NVC expert to the Bay

DSC_9159thank you husband, daughters and our canine Beau for continuing to teach me through everyday practice – sometimes mundane sometimes the most glorious moments of delight. My final 2012 wish is that JG becomes a beer appreciation club member. Light, Dark, Laughter and Tears. Go well.

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