Valentine’s Day Love with Lotus and Pony


Was Valentine a Saint – I do ponder…
I’ll look it up.
Sunday, just closed, I attended Opening Up with Lotus & Pony and Cameron Tukapua at the Mount Scout Hall.

It was a touching 3 hours. I experienced Cameron – a vibrant speaker, a radiant woman a few decades wiser than me and clothed in a suitably auspicious coloured turquoise dress, summer skin and enveloping smile. She launched her book Opening Up. Apart from a most inspiring talk given by the sparkling Cameron challenging us to embrace the year of the snake (an ideal time to transform and to shed something that no longer serves us) Lotus and Pony ‘opened up’.

Lotus & Pony are a kind of catering company with a difference. They come to your garden or whare and play enchanting live music and serve soul food in a feminine way. So, we listened to the coffee-chocolate like original voice with guitar from Pony (aka Debbie Karl) whilst Lotus (aka Kristin Borchardt) floated around in a  vintage ballgown in Tibetan jade with gold sequins taking care of things. As if that wasn’t enough of a feast we were fed soul food, gluten free, tasting very healthy (a little too healthy for me, a breast-feeding mother who loves butter) and watered with romantic paper cups of iced peach tea.

I was drawn to this event for the coming together with like-minded people, meeting new and feasting with old, friends, and to celebrate transformation. The date seemed to hold potency as I had originally scheduled a wild & grace communal yarn bomb for a new local green reserve, whilst also a Dark Moon fasting retreat was occurring just up the hill in the belly of the Kaimais. After receiving two unrelated invitations and finally stroller-ing past Debbie Karl (for the third invitation) at the foot of Mt Ruapehu where J and Rob were beating 26 kilometres of the tussocked earth between the aforementioned and Mt Ngaruhoe I knew – to Opening Up I must canter with Lotus & Pony.

Crossing Tauranga moana to the Sunday 10 February event (Chinese New Year I was soon to discover) I thought about the looming Valentine’s Day. I was musing that there isn’t the space for a romantic dinner this year with a wee 5 month breastfeeding bubba-loonie cluster feeding upon dinner time. And the idea hit me. Valentine’s Day could not just be a celebration of love for our partner, or potential partner, it can be a celebration of L O V E.
I can encourage and enable all in my family to do things they L O V E to do that day.

Beau the dog can get some free time in our local off-leash park, some fetch, a mutton bone and a rub down.
C the little tall one can get yogurt and blueberries, a hot swim perhaps, a swing, some co-painting time and fish for dinner.
J the husband can get something with anchovies, thanked, some sort of rub, perhaps bacon and eggs and fresh coffee in bed?
E the smallest can get more time with trees than usual, a song, some extra creamy milk if I can manage.
And I…I could get a bath with lavender bubbles, a run alone, some fancy chocolate (the sort you can’t buy at the dairy), a phonecall to a dear girlie friend and some quality time (as Five Love Languages writes of) with the father of our children – my husband.

DSC_1883Owh, I found the bit about Saint Valentine on page 1037 of The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker. According to Barb:

The original, Valentine’s Day in the idea of February was Rome’s Lupercalia, a festival of sexual license. Young men chose partners for erotic games by drawing ‘billets’ – small papers – with women’s names on them.

Goodness – how did Barbara Walker unearth all these 1103 pages of history. L O V E it.

So, come on, how are you going to honour Valentine’s Day?
What would you L O V E to give and what would you L O V E to receive this 2013 February 14th? Feedback people.


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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