Blogs I’ve been reading – tahi

sleeping foxI should be taking a nap whilst 5 month young sleeps but I’m just too excited about a few blogs I’ve been directed to. So, whilst husband and nearly-3-year-old run through the sprinkler under the cherry tree in these final weeks of our kiwi summer reminiscent of the 80s here’s:

Based between Sydney, Paris and a House Boat in Amsterdam Pia Jane Bijkerk. Connected to the popular blog SouleMama and operating out of Maine Taproot Magazine. Found across the Atlantic Ocean in the North of England Attic 24. Across the ditch in Melborne’s Fitzroy Meet me at mikes. And a kiwi living in New York City A Cup of Jo.

Kia Ora, merci to Greedy For Colour (and blogspot) for the little side bar that tells me what she’s been reading, which led me to Meet Me at Mike’s which led me to Pia Jane Bijkerk where I found her blogroll (a delightful alphabetical list of the blogs she peruses). In fact one could look at the Pia’s blogroll exclusively over the month of February raiding one letter an evening.

I have been musing at how the invention of the blog is so complicite for the feminine. through these blog pages of tenderly chosen image and words I’ve clocked: blogging has pinata-ed opportunities for women to be creative, connected and entrepreneurial especially those of us who are raising our young children at home and are sustained and perhaps ‘sane-d’ at times when we have an adult voice and audience.

Do we all need to simply be observed – as Magda Gerber talks of when relating or ‘playing with’ children? To be heard. To be seen. So simple yet so challenging it seems under the pyramids of washing, the towers of Nigel Slater’s Muscovado Banana Cake dishes, planting the blueberry from Christmas before it truly dies, choosing photos for the latest Esther album, recording in her little notebook what Clara said to me over breakfast “You’re my daughter”…to slow down and observe.

A-sharing aka blogging we must go. A-looking we must go. A-hearing must we go.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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