Things you may like to know about our plum tree

DSC_1359We’ve known her for two seasons now, since moving into our slice of close to an estuary suburbia. Our plum tree:

is being held by our garden shed which will one day become the world’s smallest library, my husband just doesn’t know it yet.

DSC_4895taught our Clara to climb ladders

according to my visiting Aunt bears omega plums with a floating? liberated? free? that’s it, free stone. This is ideal for bottling in the opinion of my Stratford-upon-Avon-ian Aunt.

during the drop of 2012 fetched fresh snapper, tomatoes grown by Brian the warbler next door which he smuggled in from a trip to Italy, and beans from Grammy and Pops.

during the past weeks, brought Grammy and her giant jamming pot into our kitchen to teach clara and I how to bottle her violet red orbs (inter-generational learning in the hood!).

in 2013 has born fruit which has been transformed into ottolenghi’s plum and rhubarb relish, to be dolloped astride crackled pork belly.

gives dog beau a healthy mid afternoon snack, which he self picks from her lower branches.


  1. how wonderful to be sharing in the joys of something so rich and abundant Your beautiful tree and all it offers.. just lovely xx

  2. This made my day! I love thinking about you + family around the plum tree. Ours up here are going nuts with blossoms, but never fruit. Bonus points to Beau for being so enterprising!

    XOXO From San Francisco

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