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bali-rice-terraces1I have wanted to practice yoga alongside Dena and Jack since the early noughties. One of the attractions is they run yoga retreats in Bali – the first destination I travelled alone to. At the time, possibly  drunk on the heat and fragrance of South-East Asia, I concocted a life spent (doing what, I had no idea) with the view of wet green in Ubud. P.S. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love for reminding me of Bali’s romance and magic. Anyhow, a dear friend that practices yoga directed me to this insightful and goosebumping interview with Dena which tenderly explores the birth of her children, her role as a parent and how that all fits with her practice. One of her standout comments:
There are many who feel that the path of parenting means the end of life, as we know it. (That could well be true.) And there are those who believe that the spirits of our children choose their parents because of who they are. If this is so…. then surely we owe it to them to continue along our chosen paths with children in company.

I’m in the midst of compiling a bibliography of ‘self-help’ books. Guess which book features first? As a 17 year young woman flatting for the first time on Peel Street I opened the rainbow hearted book – You Can Heal Your Life. Well, I’ve discovered a blog which features other philosophical writers linked to Hay House (Louise Hay’s publishing house in Sydney). The categories include Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Robert Holden, Tao. I particularly enjoyed the HAPPINESS section. I’m gonna stick these beauties on the fridge:
How can I love and appreciate myself even more right now?
How can I make a positive difference in the lives of those I love?
How can I radiate even greater health?
Kia Ora Denise Linn.

BannerI’ve told wild & grace readers before about a wedding gift that kept on giving – a 2 year subscription to the mook Dumbo Feather. It was here I found that Alain de Botton (modern day philosopher) has shared his The School of Life with Melbourne. in the aforementioned, connected to The School of Life, I read about a young woman who was stumped as what to do with her life/career. She tried 30 jobs in 365 days…Another AD I’ve seen for this ‘life school’ goes like this – how to think of sex more often.

do_usa-1My last show and tell item was another dumbo feathered secret, no longer one. The DO LECTURES. Whoah. Where do i start? What struck me about this event is the boom boom (said like Basil Brush) ingredients. Difficult location to find. Cold tents instead of heated cushy conference rooms. Guests finding themselves lecturers. Candles. Ukeleles. Banquet like dinners. Communing with nature, food and energised go-getters or do-doers. Does anyone want to finance my husband, 2 children and I, to attend? If i don’t ask I’ll never know…David Hieatt, one of the founders says this:
I do worry about those people who keep telling me they’ve got a deferred life plan. In 5 years time, they say, they’re going to start doing the thing they really love. I say to myself, yes but what if you don’t make the five years?

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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