Wild & Grace Knitting Questionnaire

Your favourite knitting virtue? Risk and Perseverance
Your favourite qualities in a knitter? Decadence
Your chief knitting characteristic? A strange mix of trepidation & fixationDSC_6809
Your idea of knitting happiness? Yarn Bombing Garden Party and knitting at Wharekaho under a view and taste of the sea with the touch of the waves’ wind
Your idea of knitting misery? Having to knit acrylic in one colour, in an uncomfortable chair, with someone shouting at me to go faster, every night, for a year.
Knitting events you’d love to attend? Knit August Nights, any Knit in Public celebration during June.
Your favourite knitting colour and stitch? Colour =  Turkish rainbow yarn which I used both ends of to upset the rainbow. Stitch = to do is knit, to look at =  little yellow flowerDSC_6612
Your favourite knitting designer? Debbie Bliss and Rowan
You favourite knitting blogs? I have 3. Greedy for ColourAttic24Purlbee.
What’s your favourite knitting pattern? Swing jacket with a hood from Purple Patch.
Taught you to knit? My red-headed Mum in the 80s and then it was a combined effort from two Heathers, my Mum-in-law and my best-friend’s Mum two winters ago.
Your favourite knitting heroines in fiction? The sheep from Who Sank The Boat, ‘who knew DSC_2752where to sit to level the boat so that she could knit.’
Your favourite knitting heroines in real life? My Nana Hamilton for our mohair cardies she warmed winter with and Kate from Greedy for Colour.
Your favourite knitted thing? Pea green angora crochet baby’s beret, given to my girls by Sez IMG_5589
our proudest knitting moment? Wrapping our newborn baby in a blanket which grew over my tummy as she grew in my tummy.
Best ever knitted find? 5 brand new crocheted blankets at an op-shop
Present knitting project: Sewing up some now-too-small-for-our-baby hats
Future knitting project? Trunk-warmer for a Greerton tree and a Clara jumper
Last past knitting project? Purlbee blanket
Current stitch attempt? Crochet – a peggy square
Dream knitting accomplishment? To crochet a babette blanketDSC_9161
For what knitting fault have you most toleration for? Procrastination of sewing up
Your pet knitting aversion? Grannies that knit with acrylic
Most inspiring knitted thing? Yarn bombing – I’d love our garden shed to be bombed. A knitted vege garden exhibited in Hamilton. Tatyana Yanishevsky’s giant flowers. Jacquelyn Greenbank’s creations. jac-nina-and-tea
Favourite place to source yarn? Tauranga Knitting Centre.
Your favourite knitting quote? ‘I will continue to freak out my children by knitting in public. It’s good for them.’ Stephanie Pearl-McPheeAt Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

Credits: Marcel Proust and The Proust Questionnaire

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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