1. Hi Emily.

    Well, yesterday was so lovely…. THANK YOU kindly for your spirit and openess.

    I would like you to put my name firmly down for Eat Move Make please and I intend on paying prior to 22nd May.

    Last week I decided that this year was the year I leave my office more and re-discover Rachelle, check in and see where she’s at and help her to grow a little 🙂

    Once one decideds such a thing naturally the universe conspiries to assist and already the opportunities are appearing… love this journey!

    Yoga is new to me (6 times totaly thus far) and I am yet to “do it” with others, so I look forward to that.

    Writing is something I LOVE LOVE LOVE and have always wanted to take a class or course on.

    Pottery is an old love of mine from my childhood as we have friends in Whenuikete who are potters and I spent many hours playing with clay and making bowls and cups on Allans Wheel. Freeforming some clay into a bit of magic will be a real treat.

    So I’m 100% there and looking forward to it.

    Thank you again, you are a remarkable woman.



    Esther is lovely, congratulations. I loved reading the blog about how part of her name may have made its way to her by the elder gentleman from Ohauiti, Bert?

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