Our Apple Windfall

DSC_2940 DSC_2982 DSC_2944

Sydenham Park delivered. On ANZAC day we foraged for some Granny Smiths. Some of them didn’t quite make it home. It was quite a performance whacking some of the beauties from the tree with a sturdy stick found among the bird gobbled fruit carcasses. Little one came out of the Ergo onto the emerald. Nikon was hung on a branch like nature hangs an apple. And I went a-whacking. Tonight the apple pie was finished, and I’ll come clean she didn’t look as pretty as I may have liked but she was oh so tasty. I had fun hunting down a recipe. Nigel Slater (my kitchen hero) boasts a recipe which uses mature cheddar cheese in the pastry, but my heart yearned for tradition on this occasion. Nigella came through. I hadn’t realised Apple Pie has a caramel like sauce as her filling. Yes Yes Yes is all I have to say to that. Friends came over to aid the process. One delightful twist was misplacing my rolling pin and having to substitute with our 3 year old’s.

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