Some Goings On in Tauranga

I have recently been sent some information about a wild range of events happening in the Bay of Plenty over May and June.
I am not going to make any assumptions about what my readers do and don’t do, subscribe to, or want to learn.
So, here are some things going on in Tauranga…adapted2.jpg

First up a talk from Dr Suzanne Humphries (USA) leading inquiry into vaccines.

Secondly, an Exhibition with Victorian grotesque, gypsy bands and tattoo –   The Midnight Circus in Gallery 59.

Thirdly, Inspiring Stories is back. Either sign up (if you’re 14-20 years young) to learn how to make your own films or come along to a community screening at Waikato University (in Tauranga) to watch a inspiring collection of documentaries.

Lastly, have you ever thought of learning more about intimacy. Ellie Lawler ( is leading a workshop/retreat in the Kaimais at The Lazy Tramper. This is for women only.

Tuesday 14th May 6.30pm – 9pm  Questioning Vaccines for your children or yourself?
Where: Wesley Church, 100 13th Ave, Tauranga
Cost: $15 general audience & $5 students. Time for your questions and a cup of tea afterwards
Contact: Please Phone: Tracy (07) 5525420 to book your seat
Want to know what is actually in vaccines? Discover science-based natural health remedies to relieve suffering from whooping cough, and other illnesses that vaccines are supposed to prevent.

Our guest speaker is Dr Suzanne Humphries, (USA) double board certified, 13 years in practice in Internal medicine and Nephrology: three years, associate professor of nephrology at UMDNJ.

Dr Humphries will be speaking about her work as a nephrologist when she observed that vaccines adversely impacted the long term health of her patients as well as obscuring her ability to successfully diagnose.  Despite this her hospital insisted on vaccinating these acutely ill patients with influenza and pneumonia vaccines against her stated wishes, resulting in conflict between herself and the clinical directors of the hospital.

She went on to study the literature pertaining to her specialty to find that there were NO medical studies showing that vaccinating seriously ill patients was safe or effective. Her experience showed her that at-admission vaccination was not in the patients’ bests interests.

Her attempts to stop hospital practice was met with astonishment, anger, as well as comments like, “but think what vaccination has done for Smallpox and Polio.”At the time, Dr Humphries had no answer to those comments, but she refused to back down which lead to ostracism and victimisation within the hospital. Eventually Dr Humphries walked away from the hospital and has since been in private practice; discovering modalities which work with pertussis; researching all vaccines, and more recently co-authoring a book on vaccines. Dr Humphries is currently in New Zealand to look at vaccine research to add to her next book.

_MG_1205 small_marked (1024x816) (1024x816)Friday 24 May: Opening Night The Midnight Circus
25 May – 15 June: Exhibition The Midnight Circus
Where: Gallery 59 57 Ninth Avenue
Tauranga Phone: 075432282 Email

The Midnight Circus is a collaborative exhibition of frippery, finery and grotesque enchantments. Deliberately moving away from a conventional showing of two-dimensional works, Gallery 59 will become a ‘Circus of the Past’ and will delivering a hybrid show of Art, Theatre, Photography and Music.

Theatrical ‘micro-performances’ will captivate the audience in a way that that only a real circus can. Think ‘fringe’ style performance, accessible and tangible art encouraging connectivity between art and people. The tattooed lady, fortune teller and freaks will lure curious onlookers while genuine Gypsy jazz musicians weave together a heady Romany atmosphere steeped in outsider tradition.The four artists share an idiosyncratic perspective on life and their work emphasises the fine line between what is real and what is not -The culture of Victorian circus & carnival life.

Supporting the Midnight Circus is a provocative exhibition of photographs by Pushinguppixels, the talented photography and design trio.Alongside the opening production, the three-week show will host a programme of edgy workshops, demonstrations and live tattooing.

Saturday events will include Victorian circus acts and free carnival themed art projects for children.

Tuesday 4 June 7pm, Inspiring Stories Community Screening of Documentaries
Where:  Tauranga, University of Waikato, Bongard Centre 198 Cameron Road, Tauranga
Contact: Billie-Jo Hunter (Operations Manager) Phone: 021 047 4530

Each year as part of our national roady Inspiring Stories shares a selection of thought-provoking & inspiring Kiwi-made films. As the audience you get to choose the films you want to see, we’ll tell a few tales and behind-the-scenes stories in between for a very memorable evening. Here is a selection of short films we’ve picked up along on our travels.

428637_4584168654108_275355423_nFriday 14 June 6pm – Sunday 16 June 4pm Sourcing the Sacred Snake: A Weekend Retreat for Women wanting to connect to the Sacred Power of their Sexuality 
Where: Rataroa Retreat @ The Lazy Tramper, Kaimais, Bay of Plenty
Prices: Super early bird $250 if paid before May 14th
Early Bird $295 by 14th June
$350 on the day
Price includes 2 nights accommodation at the retreat space
Contact: Ellie Lawler to ask any questions you may have Phone: 021 0343154  Email:

How was the awakening of your sexuality? Would you like to feel more empowered in your sexuality and more at ease in your body?

Set in a beautiful private bush lodge in the Kaimai ranges near Tauranga we will gently journey together and uncover what holds us back from our full expression. Through ritual and visualisation, dance and being in nature we will walk back in time and take a rites of passage to reclaim the parts of yourself left behind and your true innocent erotic nature.

“If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, You will never discover your true spirituality. Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit. Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you.”
White Tigress Manual

Enjoy these wild opportunities to learn and be moved by life – art, story and inquiry. go with wild & grace.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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