eat move make – for you for me

DSC_6140 (2)This shortest day, midwinter or winter solstice, call it what you will, you could take a mental health day. You could wag the weekend. You could prioritise you and your creative being and come to eat move make – sort of like being at art school for the day.
Take the peaceful drive up Ohauiti Hill past the emerald paddocks and chevre (with snapshots of Mauao and ocean a twinkle) to arrive for eat move make at Ohauiti Settler’s Hall.
You could walk in the old school doors to a warm hall where teachers (and movers and makers) Emily Mowbray-Marks, Kristin Borchardt and Heidi Borchardt will be milling about arranging music players, blooms, yoga mats and smiles readying for the eat move make day.

406779_10151274092044534_535299086_nKristin Borchardt580971_10150770808318162_1254794793_nThe trinity of women are all practicing teachers and women who do the thing they teach. Emily has taught since she was 15 – she writes this blog and will lead the writing. Kristin met her husband in the yoga room and practices and teaches yoga. Heidi is a local artist and runs Pink Art School.
There will be like-minded people, some looking perhaps enviably comfortable with the other eat move makers and others looking authentically quiet to the day.

After a welcome you could yoga as a novice or expert under the tutelage of the warm green eyed Kristin Borchardt of the Yoga Collective.
Then you could eat Ruby Apron’s morning tea and drink something warming for this winter’s day. If you are gluten free we have catered for you.
Wipe the crumbs from your lips and sharpen your pencil it’s time for the writing segment with the woman who loves to break the rules of word.
You could then feast at a long table devouring a vegetarian lunch beside a window to the countryside.
To leave you satisfied making a terracotta vessel of sorts will follow, encouraged by the colourful and soft Heidi Borchardt.

Yoga CollectiveWhy would I wanna come to an eat move make day for $140 where you will be watered and fed?
I have dabbled in yoga (and know if I did more I’d be a more centred person in a more comfortable tuned body). I write. I write a range of stuff, poetry rarely, travel writing (back when) and this blog. I love making stuff and have never tried pottery but have always wanted to. 562626_376839989023321_400652992_nShaping wet clay conjures romance, the sensual, is somewhat fecund. eat move make is an opportunity to treat my body and my indeed my whole self to a day of creativity. And I’ll confess I’m an extrovert. What does the lexicon say about extroverts? A gregarious and unreserved person. Gregarious? a) Tending to associate with others of one’s kind b) marked by or indicating a liking for companionship. Tick and tick. My being sings (sometimes literally) when I come together with others to eat, to move, to make and in fact to look, to listen and to talk (to learn). Could an introvert like the day too? Lexicon. a) To turn inward or in upon itself b) to concentrate or direct upon oneself. Tick and tick. This is a day for you.

Now what? You could register to secure your place on this day of happiness and all things beautiful (including you). E: or T: 021 662 852

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