It’s all about our first born

DSC_3862 Our first born daughter turned 3 this week. She is named after her Mokoia farming grandpa, the light she was born beneath, all of the father’s of my father and the fragrance of our night walks early in her carriage.

This is a tribute to all the 3 year old’s of the world. It’s as random as a stickboard, little momentos of the week with our birthday girl.

It’s auspicious (as my best-friend noted) that I overcame my 20 year fear and made my first ever sponge. I sawed it in 3, buttered it with raspberry jam, filled it with cream and drove it to her playcentre birthday morning tea. The construction was photographed above the puzzles, beneath the hand puppets with sandpit in the background.

Louise Hay’s daily affirmations suggested we write down 10 things we love, among mine were my homemade muesli in the morning (or evening), writing this blog and taking a hot bath. Our 3 year young’s 10 are as follows:
tahi) dolly
rua) beaubeau – the canine
toru) neighbours
wha) curtains
rima) chloe – her cousin
ono) megan – her other cousin
whitu) noah – her other other cousin
waru) pretties – jewellery from my drawers or her nana’s
iwa) a ball for beau
tekau) sunglasses

Keep watching until the end – thanks for the silent giggle Vida.

I’ve just started reading Buddhism for Mothers, by Sarah Napthali. I’ve only read a couple of chapters but it’s really moved me, and moving my mothering. I hope to add a review to Goodreads once completed but so far ‘practicing mindfulness’ is my buzz. “The term ‘mindfulness’ can be misleading, suggesting a mind that is full. Rather, mindfulness is knowing what’s happening at the time it’s happening (pg 18).
I’ve been reminded to treat life as a meditation, an opportunity to be present to the moment, to breathe and to observe. When I remember, I watch the moment, even if I have to act as a silent commentator: “I’m sitting in the feeding chair breastfeeding our daughter. She’s looking up at me reaching out to tug my hair. She’s rubbing her feet together”…When I do this I see the beauty and I’m relishing this gift of being a mother with more occurrence. Mindfulness is feeding me. I’m especially noticing the fragrance and the tactile feel of the now.

Conversation between mother and daughter:
D: Are you still grumpy?
M: No I’m not. Sorry, I shouted before didn’t I? I find it very difficult, stressful when you both need to sleep and I need to help you both at the same time and you’re both crying…
D: I shout at you too.
M: Oh darling (kneeling down).Wouldn’t it be nice if we could both just talk like this to one another.
D: We just need to be happy.

Dear friends gave our little one an autumnal ceremony as a gift – graciously and lovingly honouring my request for no bought presents. This rainbow playdough cake was so enchanting it caused a 5pm toddler tussle which brought out the gluten free lime and coconut cake as a diversion. I promised Kelli I would borrow the idea for birthday gifts to come. Thanks Marijke Smith for taking this photo.DSC_3817


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