Learner – a hobby, personality trait, an addiction

I’m into learning. I’m a learner – it’s a hobby, it’s a personality trait, it’s an addiction.

This is an itty-bitty blog post about some workshops for tall people also known as adults.

2012_11_18Chalkle – Wellington
You can approach Chalkle as a student wanting to learn something and/or as a teacher wanting to share something.

“Chalkle° began in July 2012 over a cup of coffee in Wellington New Zealand, by Silvia Zuur and Linc Gasking. They observed, that many of their friends were curious to continue learning outside formal education and wanted to pick up practical, real-life and creative skills.
The name “chalkle°” is an invented verb from “chalk” used on blackboards and street art to share ideas.
A vibrant learning community developed overnight, with hundreds of classes ranging from astronomy to worm farming. It turns out everyone has at least one thing they are really good at. “You don’t have to be a qualified world leading expert to inspire a beginner”, says Silvia.Classes are demand-driven and take place in real life locations city-wide. Each one can be independently attended with no long-term commitment.”

You may like to vote for Silvia Zuur in BeCause, so that some flash harry film director makes a doco about her. Click here for more info.

IMG_0823Studio 46Auckland

Come and join us for a workshop @ the studio and let your inner creative go wild!
Annie & Amber of Studio 46 along with Rachael of Made from Scratch and other incredible creative professionals will share with you the tips and tricks of the trade. From fresh floral to styling, baking to blogging, we’ll help you discover the magic that happens when you combine your imagination with your own two hands. Our workshops make great gifts too. Purchase a place in a specific workshop or a gift voucher so the lucky recipient can choose. Choose from our full workshop list on the schedule or check out our private workshops.

MOSH (Social Media Training) – Auckland

We’ve helped some of New Zealand’s most prominent brands understandthrive and grow sales using social media.
We want to share our experience with New Zealand small businesses so they can compete on the world stage. We want to help you capitalise on the phenonemon that is social media.
We’re offering a series of interactivepractical workshops designed to help small business people understand social media.
The workshops are designed to work together, but each one is complete on its own. Choose the level that suits you and get social media working for your business.

storyboardcomp004Kinfolk Magazine EventsWorldwide

The Kinfolk community gatherings are an invitation to engagement: engaging with new skills, new relationships, and a refreshed understanding of the physical world around us. We’ll focus on cooking, gardening, the culture of the table, and other hands-on practices we find life-enriching. Greta from Vela Images and Shaye from On My Hand (Vintage Props and Styling) produced the last Kinfolk event in Tauranga, Aotearoa and I was lucky enough to go. Here’s what I have to say about Kinfolk meeting Willowdene. Greta and Shaye will continue to bring Kinfolk Events to Aotearoa so stay tuned.

 wild & grace Bay of Plenty

wild & grace love bringing people together for events where we learn something ordinary or extraordinary and eat good food in heart warming spaces. Past and current events feature the Crafternoon, Eat Move Make, Educaring. Future events feature Baking, Photography, Communication. Next winter workshop: Saturday 22 June eat move make. E: wildandgrace@gmail.com or T: 021 662 852

Please email me if you know any other amazing people or businesses providing kapow learning opportunities.kapow-logo-web11

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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