Go to Greerton

DSC_4920If you go down to Greerton today
You’re sure of a big surprise
There’s colourful wool on the trees today
You’d better go in disguise
For every being that ever there was
Will gather here for certain
Because today’s the day that knitters have spun a yarn bomb

I go to Greerton for the luxury yet affordable Lox Salon & Spa.
I go to Greerton for the illusion of Montmatre and sit at the communal table to alert all I’d like to speak francais at Le Chat Noir.
I go to Greerton for the daim bars from The Remarkable Sweet Shop.

DSC_4774When I was 10 I used to go to Greerton for the chocolate dipped orange choc chip ice-creams to be put onto Mum’s account.
When I was 10 I used to go to the pet shop to kneel down leaking colour orange on the carpet to smell the coats of the puppies.
When I was 10 I was lucky and thought my silver endeavour would push all the others out of the machine down the steps in white light, into my wide waiting hands as we queued for our hot newspapered package.

Today I’d invite you to go to Greerton.
I’d encourage you to buy some fish and chips and sit with a whole pack of whanau in Greerton school’s playground and taste the hot salty kai moana and tatties.
But before that I’d implore you to walk arm in arm from the roundabout of the old Cobb ‘n Co the home of the pink panther and traffic light on Cameron Road.
I’d ask you to turn left into Chadwick Road (but don’t miss the bit of fluff and pink of Virginia and Co outside the sweet shop).
I’d whisper keep on walking until the end, until you’ve seen the bras wrapped around arms at the adult shop.

DSC_4892I’d suggest this would be a super activity for the upcoming July School Holidays.
Then I’d finish by singing – tell you fwiends.


Watch them watch us unawares and see them listening to our convos
See them still then sway about
They love to be silent and seen
They never have any cares
At sometime o’clock their knitters will naked them and sigh aloud
‘Cause they’re loved treasured Greerton trees

For a complete album go here.
A photologue of the crafted tree of Kimberley and Emily will feature soon.

But before you go. What do you go to Greerton for? The 6 op-shops? The library? Adoux? I’d love to know. Perhaps you could leave a comment? 


  1. Emily, this is BEAUTIFUL… I love this article its so endearing, just like the cuddly yarn on all the trees. Im an op shop addict so I need to correct you there is actually seven op shops in Greerton with another soon to open – an op shop for the SPCA. Its op shop heaven here in Greerton.

    1. Ah thanks Wendy. 7 op-shops and one to come – most excellent. I love the textured wool on our trees. Kimberley wondered if more people would be hugging the trees because of their trunk-warmers…

      1. yep heaps of tree huggers, especially the kids, school groups and day care groups have been seen checking them all out and having a lot of cuddles and touchy feely petting. 🙂 It makes me feel all warm and cuddly too. lol

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