Tao of Clown Course with Giovanni Fusetti

Giovanni Fusetti with Pigeons This is quite possibly the most excited I’ve been about producing a workshop with wild & grace. Ever.

I am delighted to be able to invite you to the Tao of Clown workshop with the phenomenal Giovanni Fusetti. Even more phenomenal – Tao of Clown is a residential retreat at Tahuwhakatiki Marae,  Tauranga  from 4pm Friday 23rd August  until 6.30pm Sunday 25 August 2013.

Giovanni Fusetti?
Staying on a Marae?
Residential retreat?
No-experience versus experienced Clown?
Performer versus someone who just wants to be a clown for a weekend?

Here and here and here are some past posts that feature the Tao Te Ching.

Yonder back I introduced the notion of clown here.

You can go to Giovanni’s website for a description of the Tao of Clown course by clicking here. You can peruse his site for his biography, delightful photos of historical workshops and clowns, testimonials and what informs his teaching.

photo (7)

A past Clown student of Giovanni Fusetti says this:
When I walked into the room to begin Giovanni’s clown course, I was properly terrified. But within five minutes, my fears had not only been addressed, but had disappeared. Giovanni is so naturally heartfelt and instinctual in his teaching that it is impossible not to relax and have fun. The work of clown is intimate and vulnerable, but Giovanni responds by creating a very safe environment for the very serious business of exploring silliness! By the end of three weeks, my heart was so full I almost couldn’t stand it. Whether an actor or not, I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the terribly delicate, demanding, foolish, crazy variations of human nature.
Lucia Rich (USA), Boulder Trainings 2004-2005

and another:

The time you spent teaching us I laughed and cried so much the insides of stomach hurt in a good way! You reminded my soul how important my laughter is for so many reasons. Mainly, I am just happy that our paths crossed and hope to be in one of your classes again soon.
Karen Imas (USA), LISPA 2006

and another:
The Tao of Clown workshop was like taking a holiday from me. i mean that in the kindest possible way. Or maybe i don’t mean that at all. Maybe i mean it was taking a break from an aspect (a shape, silhouette) of me. In the final stages of the weekend i found myself in my simple state of bliss – in my clown. It was a pre-sophisticated state of being. It was a time when savouring milo under my duvet in a hut on the lounge floor was paradise and yet all in a normal day’s work. Being my clown stuns the adult in me. My clown silences the responsible, the aware of consequence, the guilty, the analysis, the wishing i could be better, the desire to be understood. As a clown i have no words only a 5 piece brass band played entirely by me in a netball skirt, scottish blazer and skiing hat. i march about knees high and proud busy playing. i’m happy.
Guess who? New Zealand 2008


This course is guaranteed to change your life. I may live to want to edit the next statement but here goes:

There are 3 things I wish every body in this world to experience.
tahi – The Sahara.
rua – Aotearoa’s Heaphy track.
toru – Giovanni Fusetti’s Tao of Cl
own course.

Giovanni recommends performers and people in the education and health sectors may particularly benefit from this course, but I really do believe every one would be nourished by it.
It’s fun. It’s insightful. It’s restful. It’s rejuvenating. It invites reflection. It invites connection. It brings laughter. It brings joy.
You can be a complete beginner to performance or you can be clown obsessed.

Tahuwhakatiki Marae was the first marae I was to stay on in a Tauranga Intermediate School Camp. The marae sees Mauao, awa and moana and is backgrounded by cows and pine hills. It will be a simple way of living for the weekend. I will be cooking the dinners (inspired by Skye Gyngell) and Giovanni will whip up a couple of pastas for lunch. There will be wine. There will be coffee. There will be hot chocolate. You will feel cared for in the tastes and colours. There are two open rooms to sleep in, one of them being the wharenui complete with carvings and woven tukutuku panels.


Early Bird Discount: NZ$ 450. If payment is made in full by July 31st,  2013
Full Price: NZ$ 530
The tuition fee above includes accommodation and all meals from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

For further information contact Emily E: wildandgrace@gmail.com T: 021 662 852

Apply today by e-mailing a letter of motivation to Giovanni.Fusetti@helikos.com, sharing the essence of your story, vision, dream, desire, fear or un-explicable intuition that drives you to this workshop.


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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