I’ve been finding – blogs mostly

Here’s a bite sized fast packaged post before I have my second round of vanilla ice-cream and homemade chocolate sauce, then turn my brain off blogging and on to sleeping.

Local stuff:
Nothing more to say – a blog about gardens (written by some Tauranga gals): http://g3tauranga.blogspot.co.nz/

1052231_325849434216359_2079776310_oDanielle from Spongedrop has started to offer tailor made baking classes in the Bay. She’s happy to visit your kitchen (with or without your friends) and step you through that recipe that’s intimidated you for since you can remember. https://www.facebook.com/spongedropbakes.

A crafting ‘school’: A group of women who love pinterest and crafting start holding meet & make tea & cake sessions in August. Go here to see what you can learn to make at Oamanu Hall (Mount) and Matua Hall (Tga) http://www.craftahontas.com/products. The classes are $20 a pop and run for 90 mins. There are morning sessions, evening sessions and Mums and Bubs sessions. I like the sound of transferring photos onto woodblocks and ombre dip dyeing candles.


A blog about crafting and design: I’ve shared about this crafter-master? (mrs doesn’t seem to hold the same symbolic power) before and I have to again tonight to punctuate Craftahontas. Go visit Greedy for Colour. http://greedyforcolour.blogspot.co.nz/ Be Amazed and if you’re like me somewhat Dwarfed by this beauty and skill.

Over-the ditch and beyond stuff:
Some of you may know wild & grace recently produced eat move make, a 1-day creative retreat to yoga, to write, to feast and to potter with like-minded women (there is another coming springtime FYI). It probably doesn’t take a genius to recognise I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. I have since discovered there is a beautiful blog called eat read love. Ahh Gilbert’s wonderpiece just keeps on giving. So check this beautifully styled blog from Sydney: http://eatreadloveaustralia.blogspot.co.nz/. Who could resist this intro: Self confessed ‘foodie’, interiors addict, and daily blogger searching the coast & country for hidden gems. Stumble upon a Parisian Cafe, French style vineyard, treetop restaurant, industrial cafe,whimsical wedding, or local artiste. A girl from Sydney sharing her passion for eating, reading & loving. Join me for a little armchair escapism and get whisked away…

Those of you who read enough of wild & grace may also know I attended New Zealand’s first ever Kinfolk Event (here in the rocking T G A). I was tapping Kinfolk the other day on the ivory and ebony beneath and stumbled upon. Rats. I’m not stumbling upon it again. Don’t you hate losing a blog. It was by an American living in Sydney and she recently travelled to Japan? Help! Stripes? Brown? Little? Ah, nuts.

SHE is responsible for blog society http://www.vividsydney.com/events/blog-society-workshop-launch-embracing-the-art-of-digital-storytelling/ which opened at the Vivid Festival in Sydney (June 2013). Been and gone – sorry if I got you excited. What a name. Vivid Festival.

A couple of food blogs to end with, and it looks like they’ll be replacing les glaces for me this evening. It would be ridiculous to eat spoonfuls of sugar at 9.55pm. 5 more minutes before pumpkin. blog blog.

There’s a bit of an Aussie/Kiwi/French theme going on tonight…

Visit Mimi Thorisson’s ‘manger’ to look at photos full of sultry food and hounds and les enfants and les jambes. Tales and evidence of living and eating and being beautiful in the Medoc, France http://mimithorisson.com/

Come home to http://www.petite-kitchen.com/ where an Auckland Mum shares inspiring photography, words and most importantly recipes free of grains, sugars and other gastronomic havoc players for our families.

Pumpkin time my friends. Perhaps time for a couple of pics. Nigh nigh.

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