I’ve been reading – the only fish I’m eating is salmon

I’ve been reading but I’ve been thinking too.

I am enough. Anyone got any soul-shifting reading on the sentence?

If I was a confident person – what would I do like? How or what would I do, that you would call me confident?

It takes a village to raise a child. What’s a village? People? Buildings? The placement or availability of these things? Other things? I’d love to hear from people about their village.

Not being told and not finding out. Is there any difference?

The reading I’ve been doing is chilling beside warming.

Ms Young just posted that the only fish she’s eating is salmon. I clicked on the provided link which showed a map illustrated with bright rainbows of radiation contaminated sea water in the Pacific Ocean. I knew nothing of Fukushima. I made a choice a long while ago to unsubscribe from mainstream media. For the most part I believe it is gossip. Unless I was going to do something to change the atrocity being reported, how was it going to help me or the people/animals/land suffering, simply knowing about the abomination. Absorbing the news I felt frustrated, guilty, enraged, ashamed, helpless, frightened. I came away believing I was living in a ‘bad’ world, or living in an especially catastrophic, self-centred, doomed era. I decided I didn’t need these feelings on a daily basis. I also discovered people tell you news (that they deem important or especially relevant) whether you want to participate with it or not. But once in a while I feel shocked when I find out something that i haven’t overheard in the odd cafe, at the hairdressers, in a theatre waiting for a movie…Here’s the link I visited to become more informed.


I’m not clear what I am going to do with this information. Perhaps I will stop eating fish (I fed it to my two children 1 and 3 this evening). Perhaps I will read more. I will ask more questions and tell more people.

Balance. This is why I love reading the Tao te Ching.

Dark and now let’s turn the lights on.

tumblr_mbl97xVFOK1rfj7tpo1_1280Go on subscribe to Dumbo Feather – I swear you won’t regret it. Digitally or in the flesh. http://www.dumbofeather.com/shop-subscribe/subscribe/ A Melbourne publication that I rave about on a regular basis. ‘Conversations with extraordinary people’. The extraordinary I met last night before zzzzzzz was Jason Roberts in Issue 36. He’s billed as a Renegade Builder. He’s done a TEDx talk which I haven’t dug up yet. I felt zippy about his Better Block Project. Some of Mr Roberts words:

What makes a place great is not four or five big things, but a hundred little things. The places we love around the world are only about a block in size, but they’re filled with a hundred great little things: the little cafe, deli, market, shoe shop, falafel stand, what have you…and usually, in proximity to a great public space where you can linger and see your community. These are our public spaces, these are sacred to us, and we have abandoned them.

My vision is for there to be more meaningful spaces for communities.

I used to see people doing cool things and think, ‘Man, I wish we had one of those people on my community. Who’s going to step up and be that person?’ I thought, ‘I’m just going to do this stuff until that person shows up.’ And then, you start getting known as that person. And you’re like, ‘Well I wasn’t expecting to be that person, I was expecting to be the placeholder!’ Blackmail yourself and show up. Come up with an idea, publish it, just do a small piece to get part of the puzzle created. That’s how you start. Every long journey starts with one step.

Perhaps you’d like to deliver an idea?

www.outandaboutinparis.com I love this one. Very on theme. Pop-up phenomenon. Diner en Blanc. Paris. This June’s were held alongside La Notre Dame and Le Louvre. New York has just had theirs. New York Times reports of the Paris original here:

Lastly, not on theme, but helping me remain calm in the car. Gaia FM: 87.8FM (In Tauranga/Mt Maunganui). I haven’t heard the news nor an advertisement. I have heard the outside temperature and a soothing, cultural feast of tune. A tuned I shall remain.

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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