Crafternoon – August’s Ohauiti Escape

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Rachelle and Diane hosted like giant fluffy winged angels – an abundance of flavours, care, time with a plentitude of gluten free delights.

The views of Ohauiti’s hills and our Mauao echoed in the foreground and philosophy and gentle rain were the themes of the August day.

My crochet, as ever, was slow to progress. tension tension tension. One activity where a woman is encouraged to foster it and I struggle. humph.

We talked further of yarn bombs and knitted flower gardens – stay tuned for updates on this front.

Rachelle shared of ‘The Art of Living’ workshops, a Dark Moon Retreat at the Arty House, and the tale of the Elephant and the Flea.

There was more I was to write of, mmm, thinking, thinking, thinking



over the seas:

The above is for inspiration and the ripple rug pattern

Just because i love them

I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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