Craftahontas woodblocking with chocolate

The wondrous Rachel Stanway with an enviable lamp collection and of Sundaise Festivals & Productions shared about this new craft school – Craftahontas.

I lapped it up pretty quick smart and shared shared shared it with wild & grace watchers.

Then a funny turn of events occurred. I couldn’t decide between Ombre Dip-dyed Candles and Photo onto a Woodblock, then busy mama who didn’t read the fine print missed the cut-off date for registering for woodblock action. Before I could even begin to sulk though, I received an invitation (for me and a friend) to a free woodblock class from the calm, woman with vision – Amy of Craftahontas.

DSC_5600 (1024x678)DSC_5596 (1024x678)
DSC_5602 (1024x678)Kimberley Cleland and I gathered with a handful of other lovely women and one very-at-home-being-creative-looking-man to (what in hindsight was an attempt) at transferring a black and white good quality ‘photocopy’ of a photo provided by each ‘crafter’ onto a wood block. Kim and I didn’t have a lot of success with ours on the night, but Amy had thought of everything and had another copy for us to attempt round two at home. The one Scottish? accented male surrounded by women (good place for single men me thinks) and his wife had great triumph with their moody forest shots, shafts of soulful light beaming through magnificent pine silhouettes.

DSC_5593 (1024x678)
DSC_5599I loved the banter with the women around me, I found it touching that across from us sat a Mother and Daughter making and yarning non-stop for close to 2 hours.

The food was also a pleasant surprise. Homemade sugarfree chocolate made with coconut oil, cacao, and honey was a highlight. I may have stolen the last piece and folded it in a napkin for Jeremy. Oops.

I have dreams of giving Matua Hall a makeover. Fresh whitewalls. Fresh white curtains or blinds. Busting open the roof with skylights. Opening our eyes to the azure and night skies of our Tauranga Moana. French doors onto a Tuscan inspired structured (low-maintenance) gardened patio. Imagine the community occasions to follow such a make-over.

I wondered if Amy could have done with an Amy clone to buzz about to our wee earnest questions and yearning for affirmation. I have a feeling in most of her classes there are two ‘tutors’. I love that people are making events for community to come together, to eat, to make, and to return home to their busy giving lives (many were parents around me) filled up with some creativity and new. It was buzzy hearing a whole rainbow of British accents down the other end of the table too, reminded me there are new people coming to our shores probably keen to make connections with local people. Soul-warming stuff Craftahontas. Keep up the generous visionary work.

DSC_5605 (1024x678) DSC_5615 (1024x678)

DSC_5616 (678x1024)

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