Emma Prill Artlogue

Emma Prill is a visual artist who mostly works with paint, mixed media and textile and teaches young people the joy of colour and art. She is based in Omokoroa, Tauranga, New Zealand. Emma and I have been friends since 4th form where we relished Grant Thompson’s Art sessions at Tauranga Girls’ College. I adore her use of colour, and feel the freedom she communicates with her creative instruments symbolise her openness, warmth, femininity and joy. Here is firstly some of her current work – her range of handcrafted gift cards and sculptured canvas gardens. What then follows are images of 2013 School Holiday Art Classes, held in Omokoroa, Tauranga, for children. You can find her:  https://www.facebook.com/emmaprill 191167_10151396111022729_122751783_o 326141_10151396114742729_1640358838_o 576580_10151954123732729_1502515861_n 998743_10152099440627729_640206281_n 1004707_10152152020157729_1235389593_n (1)1003520_10152096935812729_560870569_n1094762_10152110729912729_457495833_n 1236528_10152144903417729_1541626327_n 1240541_10152160986312729_729738053_n  
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1016309_10152026948322729_2031343875_n183630_10152080997732729_462832911_n969790_10152080963142729_993098477_n556679_10152081015042729_1527905238_n972094_10152081006652729_1190169732_n1010607_10152080956272729_138212071_n1044190_10152026924767729_730325845_n1010985_10152026928597729_1798209431_n64416_10151846545247729_267784910_n480447_10152026932152729_1998015495_n480421_10152024616782729_1101039830_n 419062_10151954825127729_61862939_n 1001729_10152081019372729_1388306862_n 998235_10152144996722729_993309364_n943342_10151954821427729_1320931956_n941921_10151954812557729_1364485541_n

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