Tauranga’s future is your decision – vote local

A perplexing decision we are faced with.  Voting in local government elections.

 When you got up this morning, did you…

(a)   have a shower?
(b)   drive on a road?
(c)    use a bus, cycle or walk to work?
(d)   go for a walk  in a park?

During the day, did you?

(a)   head somewhere for a drink after work?
(b)   use a sports/aquatics centre with your family?
(c)    visit a library?

Elected member decisions have influenced every one of these activities in some way.
Why you should vote?  These guys managed to nail it in 60 seconds http://vimeo.com/70171862
And if that didn’t tickle your pickle, consider this.  As a resident you are a shareholder in a multimillion dollar business.  Where do you want your money invested?  And what do you want your City to look like?

The organisations below have spent some time asking questions of our local candidates. Click the links to see where the candidates opinions sit.
Generation Zero is a group of young New Zealanders working to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities and independence from fossil fuels http://localelections.generationzero.org.nz/other-regions?stage=Stage

Closing the Gap is an income equality project that aims to improve the health and well being of our society to create a better life for all http://www.closingthegap.org.nz/results-of-questionaire-sent-to-tauranga-city-council-and-bay-of-plenty-regional-council-candidates/

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce aims to build a better Bay by building better business and have surveyed candidates on several questions, answers can be found here  http://www.tauranga.org.nz/services/advocacy/local-government-elections/local-government-elections-2013-candidates-survey.html

And if you missed Vote or Die http://youtu.be/hahFE2b9ITM

In the 2010 elections 40something% of us voted.  This year, 96% of Tauranga City residents have enrolled.  Let’s hope they all vote too.
Oh, and if you don’t have your voting papers yet, take a stroll into the City Council (91 Willow Street, next to the Library) and pick up a voting paper from Yvonne Tatton.  That way you can be a special voter, owww, look how special you are.

Elections happen every three years.  But if we really want to see Tauranga be a great City (yip I do!), we need to hold elected members to account on their decisions during their term.  Keep your eyes and ears open, because being an active citizen starts not ends with voting.  Keep asking questions and mould the world into how you want it to be.


Tauranga’s future is your decision.  Make sure you send your papers in before next Thursday 10th October.

Written by Kimberley Cleland. For other stories by and about Kimberley Cleland go here, and here.


  1. Thanks heaps for writing this. I’m a little bit new to this area, so didn’t really know where to start with hunting out info on who best to vote for.

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