Tell me a Story Revisited

Pennie Brownlee is one of New Zealand’s leading experts when it comes to babies, infants, toddlers and young children and how they ‘dance’ with their parents and caregivers.
She is based in Thames, Aotearoa where she writes and voraciously reads, paints and creates, then takes to the road to share her learning, creative mind and wisdom with parents, grandparents, early childhood educators and people who ‘dance’ alongside our young.
She has published two books: Magic Places (about supporting children’s creativity) and Dance with me in the Heart (inspired by her constant relationship with the work of Dr Emmi Pikler and the Pikler Institute in Budapest).
Pennie publishes an easy to read, inspiring quarterly newsletter which one can subscribe to (and receive via email). I find it a gentle, helpful and quick reminder of suggested ways to continue to be with our children, complete with activities which often encourage creativity and being in nature with these young.
Pennie is also available to teach one of her many workshops and you can check these out on her website:

wild & grace has brought Pennie twice to Tauranga over the past two years. During this time about 80 people have experienced The Nature of Creativity, You’re not the Boss of Me, I’ve told you a thousand times and Tell me a Story.

wild & grace events focus on providing a learning opportunity for community. We are interested in how environment contributes to learning so choose venues and locations which have a quality that evokes the natural, the creative, possibly the wild and often the graceful. wild & grace is also passionate about the overall sensory experience which incorporates taste, food. There is always a strong element of the gastronomic within wild & grace workshops be they micro or macro. Here are some links to other wild & grace events: Scones & Spongecake and Crafternoon – Autumn Firelight and Crafternoon – Garden turned Lounge Party and Eat Move Make.

DSC_6942What follows is some eating photos of Tell me a Story and directions of how to find the food we ate during the moving Saturday of Story. Enjoy.

We honoured the slow-food movement and lunched at a long table. The Friday workshop was a cuisined ode to Ottolenghi and Saturday’s story lunch to Julie le Clerc. The menu and online links where I could source them below:
Morning tea:
Tea (herbal & black), coffee, milo, barker’s sugar free fruit syrup (warm or cold), cow’s milk, soy milk, demerara sugar or honey
Ottolenghi’s white chocolate and cranberry biscuits
River Cottage’s gluten-free lime & coconut cake (with my neighbour’s homegrown oranges instead)

Julie le Clerc’s Carrot, currant and coconut salad (from More Simple Cafe Food)
Roast Pumpkin, Pinenut and Feta Salad (with sundried tomato dressing from Simple Cafe Food)
Julie le Clerc’s Peanut Rice Salad (from Simple Cafe Food)
Alison Holst’s Brown Rice Salad with black sesame and Asian dressing
Nigel Slater’s Roast tomatoes with basil & olive dressing (from my kitchen bible: The 30-minute cook)
Leaves and local avocado salad
Roasted asparagus
Volare’s ciabatta and sourdough breads sourced from OPL, Judea, Tauranga


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