Growing Babies and Other Beautiful Creations

DSC_9209It’s been a fair few months since I crafted words on this wild & grace blogsite.

The October 2013 Pennie Brownlee workshops for parents and educarers saw the last of the wild & grace events for possibly or probably a year.

Then as we approached Christmas and I continued to read my beloved Dumbo Feather publication I found myself asking:
For why?
for whom?
do i ‘sculpt’ this blog.

The ‘Jaron Lanier is a Humanist’ Dumbo Feather article prompted or deepened this question for me “…I think people should challenge the world they’ve inherited, and push against it (Jaron Lanier). I pushed pause on the writing, the event-ing, and focused on the creating of our son and the freshening and readying of our home for his arrival (4 short and long weeks ago) .

And now as if a spell has lifted I feel moved to write and share.
The question has not totally been answered – for why, for whom?

And in the words of Erin Kropidlowski during Satsang “If the solution to what is it is you ask, or what you feel that you want, doesn’t immediately arise out of that state of being, then there’s nothing to do yet. And it doesn’t matter cos you’re at peace anyway. The situation only exists in the way that it does, in order to point you back to who you really are. That is why it is all happening the way it is. We each have our own unique story that pricks us, that causes us to say, oh this is painful, oh I have got to do something about this. And the fact it continues to repeat  in our lives, over and over again, is to say: How long are you going to run with this? Your rest and your refuge is in, who you really are, and only from there will the solutions arise. Because,  then whatever is to be done (if anything is to be done) will be done effortlessly. It will appear in front of you, and it will be the inevitable next.”

Some voices have sung through though.

I feel energised writing. I am in Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s  ‘flow’ when I write. Writing is a connection to an adult world when most of my time and space is child saturated. I feel fed by bubbly goodness engaging (whatever that means in cyber space) with other bloggers and readers. I romanticise (perhaps) sharing something of the beauty I find in this world may help to feed another person’s happiness library.

DSC_9372So, today I share two moving images alongside this glorious hydrangea photographed around the same week I paused creating with words. The morning I photographed this was one in the final hours before Christmas when my mum-in-law had offered to throw a sleepover for our two girls. I was having some time with my pregnant self whilst my husband taxi-ed them past the paddocks, cows, strawberry fields and rural backhills of Tauranga. It was early – maybe 6.30am – and my hands were submerged in dishwater when I observed the light. The aurora light falling on the green outside the chores. With sudded paws I found my camera and began my one hour roam around our neighbourhood snapping the glorious hydrangea blooms, abundant as pregnant tree heads.

The ACDC cellos are something my husband showed me on the couch last night and underwater a friend shared on friendbook.

I’m very moved by the beautiful in this present.
This Bay of Plenty March has been reminiscent of my Marmande months.
A warming windless end to summer days and a gentle entrance of amber and rusty autumn.

Blessings to you.


I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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