Things to do in Tauranga – May 2014

autumn 2014 (1 of 33)Pardon me, but posts will be somewhat erratic and perhaps a little clumsy over the next wee while as our 8 week young son and family all find their way closer to more sleep.

But we (me and 3 kids) were out and about this week (after choosing 6 weeks at home) and I became inspired to share some goodies I’ve been ‘collecting’ in Tauranga.

So, the wise one Pennie Brownlee of Dance with me in the Heart generates a (able to be subscribed to for free via email) newsletter as the season’s fall and rise which recently re-reminded me to get the kids out in autumn. I’ve been peeling my eyes for beauty, for old big trees, for the amber, the fire, the lime, the rust. Here are some suggestions of places to smell the season and collect the colour – our autumn.autumn 2014 (32 of 33) autumn 2014 (30 of 33) autumn 2014 (22 of 33) autumn 2014 (18 of 33) autumn 2014 (17 of 33) autumn 2014 (16 of 33) autumn 2014 (15 of 33) autumn 2014 (12 of 33) autumn 2014 (9 of 33) autumn 2014 (8 of 33) autumn 2014 (7 of 33) autumn 2014 (4 of 33) autumn 2014 (2 of 33)

Yatton Park, Mclarens Falls, Memorial Park, Waipuna Park (a good place to forage for walnuts before the council mower pestos them), the family of trees in front of the former Otumoetai Trust Hotel, the Bureta Road ginko tree, Otumoetai Community Garden

Where’s your favourite Autumnal hit?

I do get jealous and a bit I-want-ie for one of those London parks. The woods. A stretch of green framed in trees, closing her eyes on suburbia, within the  city, rather than a cartrek away such as Mclaren Falls. AND I’ll confess I’m a little scared of the place. Anyone else?

Autumn inspires flavour and I go to food.

Foodie stuff in the Bay and other things completely unrelated you should know about :

Katikati onion farm (growlink) with their handy ‘drive through’ shop also deliver fresh fresh fresh (did i say fresh) fruit and veges and free range eggs for $5 throughout the suburbs in Tauranga. My friends Emma and Tess put me on to these guys. Emma sold them to me by spouting the produce lasts longer in the fridge than the stuff from the supermarket. The fruit has more colour and all over boldness but without being as expensive as the other fabulous My Greengrocer (which I call on for ocassions such as Christmas when I want my cherries and berries glossy).

  More fresh fruit veges and nuts too. I stumbled upon Russell (who’s been there for 18 years) on 10th Avenue and felt bothered New Zealander’s have embraced eft-pos so. autumn 2014 (25 of 33)autumn 2014 (23 of 33)autumn 2014 (27 of 33)autumn 2014 (29 of 33)Without cash I left without macadamia for my neighbours, and mandarins and walnuts for me. Monday, Thursday and Saturday 8.30am-5pm ish he’s manning his stall with home grown, spray free produce. Russell told me he wasn’t a hooker and I wondered if 1) I didn’t hear him right or 2) he meant hawker? I have heard Mount Wholefoods deliver a hearty fruit and vege box. I also have yet to visit Wild Earth Organics in their Cameron Road posi, and I hear their raw food cafe is ‘to-live-for’.

Celebrate International Permaculture Day. Sunday 4 May 4pm-6.30pm. 375 Whakamarama Road (on the left, just above the Youngson Road intersection) please RSVP for seating purposes to:
Phone: 07 577 6530 Email:

Study Permaculture on a casual (or full time for 1 year) basis for 12 Saturdays through (Plenty Permaculture) starting Saturday 10 May 9am-4.30pm.

10171638_838350896181693_286677468891432436_nThe Smoothie Club: “A monthly opportunity to meet other people passionate about nutrition, taste-test the latest and greatest smoothie ingredients and hear from some really inspiring speakers. (The Smoothie Club)”. Monday 12 May 5.45pm at The Local, Mt Maunganui. RSVP as space is strictly limited to 20. Cost for this workshop will be $5. Contact:

Gardening, Growing, Food and Nutrition – You may also like to know about Ooooby and Weston A. Price Tauranga chapter.

10171873_553281708124200_8417902203019346656_nIf you’re like me and adore to have fresh cut flowers in your kitchen you (and I) should check out On my hand’s flora stall at The Little Big Markets. Saturday 3 May 9am-2pm. Cnr Matai and Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui.

Japanese Massage – Shiatsu Open daySunday 18th May 10am-1pm.  Hungahungatoroa Marae, Matapihi (no registration needed, first in first served). For more information Phone Autumn 027 293 1430. What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is Japanese bodywork which is safe and beneficial for all ages. Shiatsu is performed through your clothing which makes it a great treatment. It is uses pressure and stretching to gain relaxation. Our 2014 annual Shiatsu Conference will be held in Tauranga and the NZ Shiatsu Practitioners invite you to come around and experience this beautiful form of bodywork.

Developing communication skills and selfCompassionate Communication Course at the Lazy Tramper. Starting Saturday 10 May 9am. This is a 2 day course (aka NVC or Non-Violent Communication) facilitated by Susie Spiller. Contact The Lazy Tramper or Susie Spiller for bookings.

I plan to write about things baby and things that happened in Tauranga whilst I was ‘baby’ tres soon. Until then sleep soundly.

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I love reading your comments, kia ora for taking the time to share your thoughts

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